10 Tasty Spices That Are Good For Your Health

Loving flavorful dishes is engraved in our DNA. However, many of us don’t add any spice, and instead, just drown our food in salt. Many people in America, Europe, and Asia consume over five times more sodium than the daily recommended dose. This, in turn, causes significant health problems. For instance, long-term consumption of high-sodium foods may cause cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, and mental confusion. Therefore, it’s best to limit our salt intake and replace that sodium with some delicious, healthy spices!

Here are 10 tasty spices that also provide a wealth of health benefits.

1. Paprika

paprika spice
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Made from the ground and sweet peppers, this spice contains vitamins A, E, and B6. Furthermore, paprika helps with digestion. Moreover, in Europe, people often use it in goulash (a meat stew) and paprikash (a dish of meat, paprika, sour cream, and broth). This spice adds lots of flavor, but it loses its scent quickly, so it won’t overpower your meal.

2. Basil

basil spice
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Basil belongs to the mint family. Additionally, this plant cures many ailments, such as fevers, indigestion, and headaches. Historically, Europeans placed basil leaves in the hands of the dead to ensure their safe voyage to the great beyond. 

3. Herbes de Provence Spice

herbes de provence spice
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This mixture of herbs typically consists of marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Oftentimes, people use this spice on grilled meats or in stews. Herbes de Provence also pairs well with vegetables and fish. This flavorful mixture provides an appealing aroma and numerous health benefits, such as cardiovascular health, kidney protection and many more.

4. Parsley

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Americans, Asians, and Europeans often include parsley in their recipes. This herb contains large amounts of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folic acid. Furthermore, we often use it in tomato soup and mashed potatoes because of its unique flavor. However, if you’re pregnant, limit your intake of parsley – it can induce early labor!

5. Cilantro

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Also known as Chinese parsley, cilantro is extremely common in Mexican cuisine and Asian dishes. Even though it’s widely used, due to a genetic mutation, some people taste dish soap when they eat cilantro. This herb is rich in vitamins C, A and K, plus it contains many micronutrients that aid our health.

6. Oregano

oregano spice
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Oregano, which also comes from the mint family, originated in Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. Moreover, people often turn this herb into an oil, which is an excellent alternative to regular frying oil. In folk medicine, people use oregano as a dietary supplement, but above all else, nothing beats its delicious taste and flavor.

7. Turmeric Spice

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Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. It’s yellow and also has a distinctive aroma and flavor. Moreover, its health benefits include inflammation reduction and indigestion aid. On top of that, many Asian dishes, including curry, contain turmeric.

8. Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper
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People include cayenne pepper in many dishes and herbal supplements. Since this pepper ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units, people often use it for chilies, hot sauces, and spicy meals. Cayenne pepper also helps with stomach inflammation intestinal issues.

9. Ginger Spice

Couleur on Pixabay

Ginger root is a core part of folk medicine, as well as many people’s kitchens. Due to ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties, many teas that help stomach pain include this plant. It’s also a great addition to lemon and lime marinades for meats and fish.

10. Garlic

congerdesign on Pixabay

If you’re not already using garlic, you should start immediately. It contains high amounts of penicillin, and it has antibacterial properties and anti-fungal components. Furthermore, garlic adds an extra kick of flavor to many dishes, especially salads and grilled meats.

Spices are some of the most underrated cooking ingredients, and we should all try to use them more. We often forget that there are more flavors than just salt and pepper. Moreover, spices and herbs’ flavor and health benefits should convince all of us to try to incorporate them into our diets more often. Try adding some of these herbs to your dishes today!

Featured image via Shantanu Pal on Pexels



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