Finding Your Natural Habitat In College Park


In the wake of a fast approaching second semester, it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about where you’re going to live. And for all of you juniors going into senior year soon, this is probably the most stressful time for you when it comes to housing (Live on-campus or move off-campus?…Oh, the options!). But wherever you choose to live, here are some descriptions of various residential locations here in College Park that might help you with your decision making.

North Campus: This is where the majority of freshman and honors students live. This is also probably one of the most inconvenient locations when it comes to going out and getting real food (the North Campus Diner really doesn’t cut it). Walking all the way to Route One just to go to a frat party or Bentley’s is not my idea of a good time (and neither is sitting and drinking in your little dorm room). So for those of you who live in this area,  I really hope you’re an expert bus rider. If you aren’t, it might be time to figure out the difference between the blue bus and the orange bus.

South Campus/Commons: You may not see many freshmen here but students who live here definitely tend to be a bit more academic (or on the girl’s lacrosse team…these girls ride scooters all over this part of campus). Dorms around here are a hell of a lot closer to Route One, so you never need to ride the freshmen-filled buses ever again in order to have a social life. And to those of you in Commons who like to display empty alcohol bottles along your windowsills, we get it…you drink. These buildings are obviously still on-campus and well within walking distance to all your classes. It really is the best of both worlds.

View/Varsity: These apartments are filled with kids in Freshman Connection, and sometimes even athletes. This is probably one of the nicest places you will ever live in throughout your college career. I mean seriously, a fully equipped gym, tanning beds, single bedrooms and restaurants just floors beneath you? This is the jackpot of all residential facilities besides the fact that it’s a bit far from campus. It does however tend to get a little rowdy at night (surprise). Just a small tip for you freshman, stealing an “Exit” sign or throwing a huge party well over-capacity within the small confines of your apartment does not make you the king of College Park…It does however make you just another over zealous college freshman who now has to deal with the authorities. Don’t let that be you.

Fraternity/Sorority House: Just incase you needed me to spell it out for you…these houses are for people in Greek life. These students might be really involved and enjoy spending time with their brothers or sisters. This is probably one of the only times you’ll be able to live with all of your closest friends within your organization. But with all of that testosterone/estrogen in one house, I can only imagine how wild things can get.

Satellite Houses: Students who live here are probably also in Greek life but are ready for a slight change and don’t feel like spending the remainder of their college years in a house full of all their brothers/sisters, many of whom like to slam doors on occasion and yell across the halls (you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder). People who live here suddenly feel like a “real” adult because this may be their first time ever signing a lease. The monthly rent and utility costs definitely add up (not to mention the fact that you need to wash dishes again), but the initial feeling of freedom that overwhelms you is well worth it. Not to mention the number of house parties you can have whenever your heart desires.

Hartwick/Knox Towers: This is where the most diverse groups of students live, from freshmen to seniors, Greek Life or not, etc. These apartments are in a great location right behind the College Park Shopping Center. Who wouldn’t want Chipotle in their backyard? These places may not be as nice as the View or Varsity, but you do have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want. If you’ve ever walked through the doors of either of these apartment buildings, don’t be surprised by the cloud of smoke that’ll instantly hit you as you walk inside these massive hotboxes.

Knox Boxes: An even trashier version of a satellite house (if that was even possible) but at least a lot less expensive.

Definitely take some of this information away with you because it might help you when the time comes to sign up for housing next year. Keep in mind though, if you live in the Enclave or on Metzerott Road, you basically live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.


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