6 Things To Start Doing Now To Prep Your Body For Summer

Even as many parts of the nation continue to experience unusually chilly weather patterns, summer will arrive eventually, and sooner than you may think. When it gets here, everyone wants to be ready to greet it with open arms. Especially if they’ve been snowed in since January!

Getting ready for summer doesn’t have to cause pain or even mild discomfort. Majority of the preparation people need to do actually feels good. Tackle these to-do list items now and be ready to flaunt your body effortlessly come June.

1. Get That Body Moving Outside


Springtime means a return to fun, outdoor fitness routines, and not a moment too soon. Far too many people fall into the fad diet trap to get a beach-ready body, and doing so can negatively impact health. Yo-yo dieting leads to even more weight gain down the road, so take advantage of the warmer temps to get out and run, bike, or hike instead.

2. Find a Healthy Bronze


The days of consumers laying in tanning beds are probably numbered since researchers have found a connection between UV radiation and skin cancer. However, many of us still feel more confident baring summer skin with a hint of color. Invest in a quality at-home bronzer while taking a hard pass on wrinkle-causing rays!

3. Exfoliate


Even the best bronzers look uneven on flaky skin. Before getting a glow at the spray tan salon or applying self-tanners, give your face, elbows, knees, and more a good scrub. No money for microdermabrasion? Mix an inexpensive home exfoliating paste with baking soda and a bit of water or naturally abrasive grains like oats.

4. Get a Mani-Pedi


Summer sandals look best with polished piggy toes, so take the change of seasons as an opportunity to give tired tootsies a bit of TLC. Keeping feet cooped up in socks and boots all winter makes toenails prone to fungus, but professional care can cure discoloration and improve appearance. Throw in a mani, too, because surviving hibernation deserves a little celebration!

5. Try on a New ‘Do


Craving the carefree ease of fresh-from-the-beach waves? Book an appointment with a stylist to get your hair in tip-top shape! Be sure to trim hair every five weeks. Those with wavy or curly hair types can go longer between snips, but why not embrace the summer solstice as the perfect time for rocking a new ‘do?

6. Easy Breezy Makeup


Summer demands easy, breezy makeup routines that don’t require an hour at the mirror to pull off. Heavy foundations and powders age skin in bright sunlight and can clog your pores. Instead, you may want to try sticking to tinted moisturizers as a base, gel instead of powder blush and sheer lip glosses instead of dark matte colors. But hey, we wouldn’t blame you if you still wanted to rock that matte. Do you, girl!

Get Ready to Strut!

Upon completing this pre-summer beauty regimen, get ready to bare a bit more while rocking sunny styles. Like a rose blooming after a long winter, you can enjoy feeling like your best summer self ever with simply a hint of advanced prep!

Image credit by Mohamed Nashah


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