13 Unique And Fun Things To Do That Don’t Involve Alcohol

It’s that time of year, it gets dark early and nights are chilly – perfect for wine and hot-toddies. I don’t drink, and I find the sober life to be exciting, but it was a discovery I made season by season and day by day.

I don’t have significant knowledge, but I pass on what I can. If you’re limiting alcohol intake for health benefits, to avoid hangovers, weight loss or for fun-here are my favorite go-to fun activities that don’t involve spiked cider and red wine.

Host a S’mores Bonfire – try out different S’more creations!!

  • Graham Crackers | PB Cup | Marshmallow


  • Graham Crackers | Peppermint Patty | Marshmallow

or even,

  • Graham Crackers | Chocolate/Caramel/Sea Salt Square| Marshmallow

The beautiful thing about s’mores melted marshmallow and graham crackers will pair with just about anything!

Volunteer at Soup Kitchen or Local Charity – a quick google search should produce an abundance of volunteer opportunities. Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays tend to be crowded with volunteers, try the off weekends – people need help year round.

Go Antiquing – from Good Will to Estate sales, there’s tons to discover!

Host Game Night – my favorite go-to adult games are: Cards Against Humanity, That’s What She Said, Dirty Minds, What Do You Meme. Don’t forget the classics like Charades and Would You Rather!

Bake Pies for Your Nearby Retirement Home – if you’re not a baker (like myself) there are other retirement home opportunities. Can you play an instrument? Are you a good listener? Do you like reading books out loud? Are you great at painting nails? Maybe you have an awesome fur baby who spreads cheer like a pro!Everything and anything will be appreciated.

Hookah Lounge – when I first gave up drinking, I smoked A LOT of hookah, it was a way to “go out” on the weekend and have fun, despite the lack of booze. My boyfriend and I would go on intimate dates, or I’d go out with a couple close gal pals; either way, I’d always enjoy myself.

See A Play – you don’t have to drop major bucks to go to the theater! I often check out the local community college, the local playhouses and occasionally I find gems through Groupon.

Comedy Club – forgo the two drink minimum and treat yourself to bar food instead! Guess what, we can laugh at things without being buzzed!

Spend the Day In a Museum or Library – check museum websites for resident specials and student discounts. Go alone, gather your thoughts, see an exhibit you normally wouldn’t. Of course, libraries are free, and often you can find low-cost and no-cost classes and group activities.

Grab a group of friends and visit an Escape Room – escape rooms are the perfect way to test friendships! Do you and your bestie remain calm under pressure? Maybe not, but it’ll still be a lot of un – if you’re into stress and arguments.

Appetizer crawl – like a pub crawl but with food!

Check Out The Drive-In! – You may not have a local drive-in theater, but you can absolutely make your own!

Spend the weekend alone, cozied up – read, write meditate – simply create.

Remember, drinking can be done almost anywhere; sure, you could add booze to most of these activities, but the point is to remain open-minded.

What fun activities from this list do you think you will try?

Photo by Tanner Larson on Unsplash 


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