These Hilarious Women Threw Their Friend the Ultimate ‘Divorce Party’

When it comes to ending any relationship, sometimes things can be extremely difficult. But, when you’re married, getting a divorce sometimes feels like the absolute end. There’s nothing more embarrassing to some people than having to admit that things just didn’t work out for them in the way they once wanted or thought it would. But, when you have a solid group of friends around you, anything can become easier to work through.  Nicole Niesner of Saskatchewan is lucky enough to have the absolute best group of girlfriends by her side who made sure that once her divorce was finalized (after 13 years of marriage), she wouldn’t be alone, or unhappy. Nicole’s friends threw her the most epic “divorce party,” and every woman dressed for the occasion.

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Nicole told People Magazine:

“Divorce is devastating, no matter what the reason for it. It’s a very painful process. I wanted the divorce and it was still very, very difficult. When I found out that it would be official on December 16, my initial reaction was sadness, but that turned into relief.”

Having your best friends by your side can make any moment feel a bit less stressful–but, when they pull the ultimate Monica, Rachel, and Pheobe, it’s a moment to cherish forever.

MissYianna Photography

Nicole said that the party was more about friendship than it was divorce.

“The party wasn’t celebrating divorce necessarily, it was about friendship and supporting me as I start my new chapter. These women came together to let me know that I am loved and supported by many.”

MissYianna Photography

Nicole also said the party helped her realized that she would be completely okay on her own.

“I felt so happy. I felt loved. There is nothing more uplifting than being surrounded by close friends, who support you no matter what. We get through the good and the bad together. After that party, I knew I would be okay.”

This is the kind of friendships all women should strive to have in their lives–never-ending support. This is your goals.

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