What It Means If He Only Messages You On Snapchat

Modern dating is already incredibly confusing, and we have social media apps like Snapchat to thank for it. Because of the new and toxic dating culture, it’s easy to get confused about people’s intentions because everything can be misconstrued. However, his Snapchat habits can be more telling than you think. 

If he only communicates with you on Snapchat, he doesn’t want anything serious with you. 

You can argue with me until I’m blue in the face, but it’s true. As women, we can think of every reason as to why he might use Snapchat to communicate with us. But men only have a simple explanation — it’s temporary, just like they view you. 

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t want your conversations to disappear as fast as they appear. He wouldn’t want everything between the two of you to vanish with the swift motion of a thumb. Instead, he’d want to have all those conversations saved on his phone for the moments he’s lonely or misses you. He’d have your name under his recent messages and he’d always see your information whenever he opened his messenger app. 

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t send you the same snaps he adds to his story for everyone else to see. 

Instead, you’d get different ones, meant just for you. If you only see what he posts to his story, you’re basically just like everyone else. He just wants attention and will accept it from everyone, not just you. He’d send you stuff he’d only want you to see — and I’m not just referring to nudes. 

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t want to have short conversations through a text box that barely fits characters. He’d want to speak to you in-depth — not in snippets for 5 seconds each. He also wouldn’t send you random photos of just himself without any text, prompting you to initiate a conversation. When he does that, he’s just looking for compliments.

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t expect you to send him sexy snaps all the time in place of having an intellectual conversation. He wouldn’t continually repeat how attractive you are because of those pictures. He’d tell you in person, and he’d be able to compliment you on your other amazing attributes. 

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t talk to you over Snapchat and Snapchat only. 

Snapchat is used primarily to be sneaky or temporary — it’s for temporary photographs and conversations. If he only communicates with you through this app, he only views you as a short-term part of his life. He doesn’t take you seriously and only wants to have fun when it suits him best. 

Snapchat habits are very telling of his character. It doesn’t mean he’s a dick by any means though. It just means he’s looking for something sexual and casual. And if you don’t have him on other social media, it could be because he’s chatting with you behind someone else’s back. Regardless, it’s not okay and you deserve better. Remember that. 

You deserve to be permanent in someone’s life and not have them disappear like a ghost in less than ten seconds.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash


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