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4 Food Baby Friendly Outfits Perfect For Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the best excuse to break away from your current diet. The turkey, the mashed potatoes with gravy, the corn, the rolls, the cheesecake and the pumpkin pie… My mouth is already watering just thinking about it, but the main goal for me is to leave Thanksgiving dinner without having to unbutton my pants or hide my inevitable food baby.

4 years ago, I had thanksgiving with my family. I wore cute skinny jeans, a tank top, and some cute wedges. After I was done eating, or more so after I was done shoveling food down my throat, I had to unbutton my pants which I am sure, most of you know that experience. Afterwards I went early black friday shopping with my absolute best friend. We were waiting in line at Bass Pro Shop, and I saw this really attractive guy. So I smiled at him, he smiled back, then I laid in the hook where you give the guy the look, the one that gives him permission to come up and talk to me. Well it worked, he came up to talk to me to let me know my pants were unbuttoned.

Loose flowing shirt. If you want to remain looking tiny during your food binging, then I suggest NOT wearing a skin tight shirt. You can wear an oversized sweater, baggy t-shirt, or loose tank top really anything will look cute that will not end up highlighting your food baby.

T-shirt dress or maxi dress, another way to avoid it, by not even wearing pants! Just stick to a loose dress, or a maxi skirt. If you decided to go the route of a maxi skirt, make sure you are not to short for the skirt, last thing you want is to be tripping on your skirt and ending up mooning everyone you are surrounded by, trust me it’s embarrassing.

Overalls. A lot of people make the connection of overalls as childish but they are becoming such a cute and easy way to throw any outfit together and you can easily dress them up or dress them down all while being incredibly cute in them! I can honestly admit to all of you with pride that I own 4 pairs of overalls. 

When it comes time to dish out your plate, get a small amount first, that way if you’re around people like my family, who snack the whole day before dinner is ready, you will know how hungry you actually are after you have taken a couple of bites; with this, you will avoid the food coma.

Thanksgiving is a time to take in everything around you and be thankful for the family and friends that you have. Good friends, good family, good eats, and good vibes. Let your Thanksgiving allow your taste buds to go crazy, and to let you get your grub on while catching up with family and friends.

Featured image via Megan Markham on Pexels



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