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Confessions Of An Online Shopaholic: How The Internet Has Fueled My Shopping Addiction

  1. As of recently, I’ve taken notice that every time I use my computer, phone, or even glance sadly up at the infomercials on TV, I am naturally drawn to shopping. I feel like every site I visit constantly tempts me, and not only the ones meant for shopping. Social Media and ads that pop up on my phone apps seem to speak directly to my all too empty closet. Even when I watch my favorite shows on Hulu(The Mindy Project is my current fav), the advertising is everywhere.
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Imagine a little kid being trapped in a candy shop. I’m the little kid, and they have me licking my lips. I want it. I need it. I manage to convince myself that I must have it, now. I have to hand it to the marketing and advertising companies for their cleverness to sucker me, and many other weak, high-taste shoppers in. Also, huge shout out to Facebook for keeping track of what I look at. I know it can be a lot sometimes. You remind me while I scroll through my feed that I should come back to shopping via cart at Forever 21. Well, it worked. I bought the whole cart.

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Then there is American Eagle. I rue the day that I gave them my email address. Sending me countless emails, on all the deals that are going on TODAY ONLY. I can’t just pass that up! Are you kidding me!? What if this “buy one pair of pants, get one for free deal”, never happens again?? So, naturally, I check it out and while I fall into their marketing scheme, I find myself two-timing with Amazon, the other culprit to my guilty affair.

Why does Amazon have to be so amazing? Talk about falling off the wagon into my shopping addiction. You want to know what I recently bought from Amazon? A wine glass that looks like a thermos. It’s clear, and it’s plastic so I can take it outside and drop it and not worry about a damn thing. This wine thermos had to have been sent to me from the magical Amazon advertising gods. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a small, yet long lasting relationship with wine. Hook, line and sinker.

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Are you seeing how this shopping online is a slippery slope? It is definitely putting a bind on my broke college kid budget. I can survive on ramen noodles for the next two weeks right? But for real, the online shopping needs to be toned down a bit. Otherwise, I may just end up being the most fashionable homeless person.

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Well, after this self-discovery I have decided to get help. If you want to find me, I will be at Shopaholics Anonymous on Wednesday nights at the local VFW. I can see it now… “Hi my name is Meghan and I am a Shopaholic”. Small crowd then says, “Hi Meghan…” Whew, that was hard. Moral of the story is, stay in school and lay off the online shopping, kids.

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  1. I have found myself doing the exact same thing. I shop on Ebay and Amazon and Urban and Forever and WHEREVER I can. The “Confessions of a Shopaholic” gif said it best, “When I shop, the world gets better.” Shopping is the best distraction for when the world gets crazy.


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