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13 Urban Outfitters Replicas You Can Buy For Less

Over the years, I’ve accumulated numerous Urban Outfitters’ items. Stylistically, I’m very happy about this, but financially, I am not. Somehow, Urban’s outrageous prices have found their way into our reluctant splurges. Fortunately, other stores have caught onto Urban’s sly money-grabbing techniques, and have created cheaper replicas to save us from breaking the bank.


1. The Oversized T-Shirt Dress

I’m still a little baffled how this Urban t-shirt is a whopping $169. Meanwhile, MissGuided’s take on the oversized t-shirt dress is almost a fifth of the cost.

2. Sweat Shorts

These Urban shorts are nearly four times the price of the H&M ones, and they look almost exactly the same.

3. The Denim Vest

A super chic denim vest never goes out of style, so why pay $68 at Urban, when you could pay $33 at Forever21?

4. The Midi Skirt

Pair it with a blouse for the office or a crop top for a night out on the town. Either way, you can pay half of Urban’s price at MissGuided, Charlotte Russe, and H&M.

5. The Cotton Wrap Skirt

Besides the color, these are literally replicated versions of one another. You can get a strange yellow one at Urban or a normal gray at H&M.

6. Black Cutout Romper

Strangely enough, Charlotte Russe’s romper way is cheaper than Urban’s, yet it looks more expensive.


7. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Guess what? Pacsun’s are cuter than Urban’s too, in my humble opinion.

8. Strappy Back One Piece

The numbers speak for themselves. Make a statement with a one piece from Forever21 or break the bank with Urban.


9. The Cage Bralette

I’m a big fan of the cage bralette, and honestly the ones from Forever21 and Charlotte Russe are more interesting (and cheaper!) than Urban.

10. Delicate Back

This “barely there” style can be found at Forever21 for as little as $6, (and again for $7). Clearly a much better deal than Urban.

11. The Lace Bralette

Hey five dollars is five dollars, right? Getting virtually the same thing from Zumiez and Charlotte Russe as Urban is still a bargain.

12. The Strappy Bralette

One of my personal favorite styles you can wear with any outfit. For a bra you’ll be wearing often that’s still cheap from Pacsun, Charlotte Russe, and H&M, it’s a no brainer to overlook Urban’s.

13. The Corset Bralette

I like Forever21’s better than Urban’s, yet again.

For clothes, swim, and bras, it’s been proven you don’t have to break the bank at Urban Outfitters. With these strikingly similar pieces, you style won’t suffer, and your wallet will flourish. You’re welcome.

All photos are website screenshots.



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