10 Things Every Student Thinks During Midterm Exams

The midterm season is the halfway point in a student’s semester that truly tests the student’s knowledge. This time for students though can be very stressful with this week being the time of exams and projects due in classes. These are just some of the thoughts that go through the heads of these students. 

“Have I studied enough for this exam?”

This is definitely a common thought that students have, especially when it comes right before the test. As soon as that test is in front of your eyes it can seem like this thought becomes the most overwhelming. 

“Oh God, my mom’s gonna kill me if I fail.” 

Mom’s are the biggest supporters of their children in college and so we all have to do good for our moms. Since you don’t want to disappoint your biggest fan. We must do good and make them proud of us. 

“I knew I should have dropped this class the first week.” 

A thought that happens right after you get the syllabus, especially for those harder courses. We think to ourselves that we can pass the class, then the first exam comes and we see how ultimately screwed we are. 

“Wait, so what’s the lowest possible score I can get on this and still pass the class?”

Isn’t this a thought that every student has during all of their classes? You can use a grade calculator to figure out what the lowest score is that you can get, which is something that I’ve done multiple times. 

“How come I signed up for so many classes?” 

We see the total course load number and think we will pass all of them with flying colors. Well when all the midterms come flying in, that number looks a little bit harder. 

“I’m only running on coffee and three hours of sleep right now.” 

You have to sleep but sometimes you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get all your work done. So, you just run on three hours of sleep and way too many cups of coffee. 

“Just one more Tik-Tok before I go back to studying.” 

Tik-Tok is something that we all are addicted to and sometimes doesn’t help our study habits. So, sometimes on those five-minute breaks, we need to tell this to ourselves and to help ourselves feel better. 

“I really hate this class, this major, and my life right now.” 

It can just be a downward spiral at times and this thought just encompasses all of them. 

“How many mental breakdowns have I had this week?” 

Sometimes you just need to cry away the stress and that can happen in the form of multiple mental breakdowns. 

“How long is this midterm season? It feels like it has been two months.” 

All of the exams happening all around us and on multiple days can make us feel like it is going on forever. Exam season is just so stressful and feels like it can last forever. 

These are just ten thoughts that students have during midterm season, the time that every college student dreads. It shows all the different emotions that we feel during this season, which is something that is relatable to all students. 

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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