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We Ranked The Best & The Worst Dry Shampoos

If there’s one thing I learned to appreciate in my life, it’s dry shampoo. The convenience is just so indescribable and its ability to transform my hair from a greasy birds nest to sleek, sophisticated, flirty and confident hair is breathtaking. I couldn’t rave enough about how much I love and rely on dry shampoo.

During my search for the perfect brand, I experimented with a variety of different ones. While I was impressed by some, I was hugely disappointed by others and felt like I ultimately wasted my money. But fear not, I compiled a list of the must-have brands and ones you shouldn’t waste your time trying.

Pantene – Don’t Waste Your Time

This was very disappointing considering how much I love their regular shampoos and styling products. Let’s just say the efficiency of this product proves why it’s so cheap. I found it didn’t last me all day and that it made my hair extremely greasy (almost wet-looking) by midday. It was almost like it was meant to be a mousse. It maybe lasted an hour. However, it did smell nice and did hold my flyaways, but other than that it was a waste of money.

Average Price: $5.37

Rating: 1/5

TRESemmé – Must Haveh

This product is perfect for the days you want to keep your hair down or when you want to add a braid to your second-day hair. A lot of the time dry shampoos phase out throughout the day and still look powdery or rinse off, but this one doesn’t. My only complaint is that it’s a tad expensive considering it’s a skinny-sized bottle. But the travel sizes are totally worth it and even help keep your hair intact during humidity on vacation!

Average Price: $4.97

Rating: 5/5

Batiste – Leave It In The Store

I was hugely disappointed by this product considering how much the company has done to advertise it. Yes, it’s convenient and yes, they have products for every type of hair, but I found that it wore off on my hair type after a few hours and it got super greasy again. It also dried out my hair and made my scalp very irritated. I don’t recommend this product if you have thin hair as it will only make it look thinner after it wears off. The result may be different if you have thicker hair, but that’s for you to try. At least it smells great!

Average Price: $7.98-$9.47

Rating: 2/5

Dove – Must Have

I would have to say Dove is my absolute favorite dry shampoo. They have different types to help with volume, style (even though they all act as a hair spray to keep the flyaways down) and fullness. I’ve tried all of them and actually keep them in stock in my bathroom 24/7. Plus, the cans are larger in size compared to most. It also smells amazing and doesn’t overpower the scent of your perfume either (unlike their hair spray). Do yourself a solid and invest in this brand!

Average Price: $4.76

Rating: 5/5

I cherish the hell out of my dry shampoos and would be lost without them. Obviously, not all brands work as well as others, but these four major ones do. Hopefully, this saves you from your own trial and error mistakes, but you may find your results differ from mine!

Do you have a favorite brand? Leave yours in the comments below!

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