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You Won’t Want To Forget These Beauty Products While Packing For College

School is starting very soon and so is packing for college. It can be pretty stressful when trying to figure out what to bring and what to leave behind. Personally, I take all of my beauty products with me because I am just that obsessed. But I know that isn’t practical for everyone. So here is a minimal list of the essential beauty products I think most girls can find useful in college.


Basic eye shadow palette:

  • Something basic, like neutral colors. You can always pack more than one because most palettes are pretty compact, but one will be plenty if you don’t want to bring a whole lot of makeup.


  • I recommend having a liquid or gel liner (whichever you usually use) and a pencil liner. They are small and won’t take up much space and having one of each will allow you to create different looks.


  • Mascara is great when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but just want a basic look. It enhances the eyes without being too dramatic.

Eyebrow product:

  • This isn’t a necessity unless you already use brow products.


  • Foundation is good to have on hand when you need to cover up a breakout, have a presentation and want to look professional, or when you are going out and want a full face of makeup.


  • If you have oily skin this will come in handy a lot. If you have dry skin, like me, powder is necessary.


  • This will help cover pimples or give you coverage when you don’t want to wear foundation. It provides a very soft makeup look.

Bronzer or blush:

  • Most people have a preference for one or the other.

Lip products:

  • This is the item where having more than one will definitely come in handy. Different colors and types of lip products go with different looks.

Face Primer:

  • Having something to put under all of this makeup is important. It provides a nice, smooth base to start out with and can make your makeup last longer and look fresher.

Of course having options with these products isn’t a bad thing. If you can take more than one just so you have some to choose from I would recommend it.

Other Beauty Essentials:

Makeup Wipes:

  • Not only are these good for cleaning makeup off your face, but they can also be good to clean up any spills or messes you make with your makeup. They are good to have on hand in emergencies.


  • Most girls use hairspray at some point. Especially if there is a party or dance or some other event you are attending.

Dry Shampoo:

  • It will become your best friend if it’s not already. Sometimes you skip washing your hair for several days because you are so busy or too stressed to think about anything else. A good dry shampoo can save you.

Skin care:

  • Skin care and the products you use is so important. If I was going to invest in any beauty product it would be my skincare. Because a beautiful face starts with great skin.

Hair Ties:

  • You will lose so many in college, so be sure to stock up. But they are great to have when hanging out with friends, late night studying, or just doing your hair in general.

College is stressful, and packing for college can be extremely stressful when you don’t know exactly what you should bring.  It’s a good idea to leave some things behind and not be a makeup hoarder. Your makeup can take up a lot of space if you’re not careful, so if you don’t see yourself using it, leave it at home, and if you decide when you get there that you would use it, you can have your parents ship it to you or you can get it on a break. Get in the habit of a simpler makeup routine. Not only will it save space, it will also save time and money.

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