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More Like MonDON’T: 46 Thoughts Everyone Has On Monday Mornings

Monday. A simple six letter word that has the ability to immediately invoke feelings of nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and a lot of other things. Here are 46 things that we all inevitably feel every Monday morning:

  1. How is my alarm going off already?
  2. Should I snooze? Snooze.
  3. Oh shoot, it’s already 7:20.
  4. It’s ok. I’ve only hit snooze twice, I can hit it again.
  5. Snooze.
  6. AHHHHH it’s 7:29. Ok, too late to wash my hair. 
  7. Why did I have to choose a Monday 8:30 class?
  8. Whatever, too late to blow dry, back to bed.
  9. Snooze.
  10. Snooze.
  11. What! It’s 7:46?!
  12. So, what am I going to wear?
  13. What is the EASIEST outfit I can put together?
  14. Dresses are easy to put on. Yeah, let’s do that.
  15. What am I even going to do with this hair though?
  16. Sock bun? No, that’s effort.
  17. Messy bun it is. 
  18. Why did I binge watch Mindy Project again last night?
  19. Ok, focus! How do I get out of this house in 15 minutes?
  20. It’s no makeup Monday, oh yeah.
  21. No, don’t do that, pull it together.
  22. Ah, ok I look presentable…ish. 
  23. I’m hungry.
  24. Alright, if you leave in 3 minutes you can get a coffee and breakfast sandwich on the way. 
  25. Ok, keys, check. Purse, check!
  26. Let’s go.
  27. Which latte gets me the most caffeine?
  28. Oh no, where is my wallet?
  29. I left my wallet at home.
  30. LOL at my life. 
  31. Ok, there is $2.28 in the bottom of my bag. At least I can get a coffee.
  32. I can definitely find some free food today.
  33. Let me go on Facebook and find out which club is giving away food.
  34. Ah yes! The etiquette club is having an afternoon tea with light refreshments. 
  35. Light refreshments x 12 cucumber sandwiches = full belly.  
  36. Ok, algebra here we go.
  37. Wow, that girl looks so pulled together.
  38. How does she do it? She knows it’s a Monday in November right?
  39. Honestly, I ditched my style back in September.
  40. Ok, not to worry, it’s close to lunch.
  41. It’s only 10:23? 
  42. Well, that means I only have 5 chunks of 20 minutes left.
  43. That’s 10 chunks of 10 minutes. I can do this.
  44. I’m so hungry though.
  45. Is it Tuesday yet?

We all know that Monday’s are the worst. I aspire to live in a world of endless lazy Sunday’s. But, until that day comes, my only solace is that there are six other days in the week. So go forth, and hop over that Monday hurdle on to Tuesday.

Featured image via Lina Kivaka on Pexels



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