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Zumping? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Latest Dating Trend

What’s the worst way someone could break up with you? Maybe over text message or in a voicemail? In most cases, we prefer that our significant other dump us in person because it seems like the appropriate thing to do.

But what happens when you can’t see your partner due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you decide it’s time to call it quits? 

Many people are turning to the closest alternative to in-person breakups during this time by scheduling a Zoom conference to dump their significant other. This new form of breaking up, referred to as “zumping,” allows couples to see each other and their reactions without breaking any social distancing rules.

The word ”zumped” is a combination of the words ”Zoom” and “dumped.” Although many couples now use Zoom or other conferencing apps to host dinner dates or even weddings, a Zoom call could spell the end of a relationship for some couples.

For the person being dumped, “zumping” sounds like the worst possible breakup.

However, let’s play devil’s advocate for a second and look at this from the angle of the person dumping their significant other. If you decide that this relationship should end but can’t see your partner during this time of quarantine, then, you can’t break up in person. You could wait until life goes back to normal, but why prolong a relationship if you know it’s going to  fail? You don’t want to simply text them or slide into their DMs to say it’s over, though, so what do you do? Well, it turns out you “zump” them.

Does it sound awful? Yes. But aren’t all breakups awful? At least they had the guts to look you in the face while they did it instead of opting for a phone call or text. Honestly, I’d rather someone dump me over Zoom than waste weeks of my life. I wouldn’t want to invest my time in a relationship if my partner has already checked out.

Do we really need a separate word to describe someone dumping their partner over Zoom? Probably not. There are millions of different ways someone can dump you now, and we don’t create new terms for all of them. Since “zumping” is a part of the pandemic, though, it’s probably here to stay. At least now you know what it means.

Featured Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash



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