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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: 15 Songs To Get You Through It

You’re going through a break up and have eaten more Ben and Jerry’s than legal limitations should allow. We’ve all been there. If you’re interested, there is a better “therapy” than pure sugar and watching The Notebook on repeat. Music. Music can help you find the words to express your feelings and uplift your spirits.

If you’re suffering from a broken heart, angry, or even relieved over your break up, this is the perfect break up playlist for you.

1. Someone Like You – Adele

The sitch: You’ve broken up, he’s moving on, and you’re so not ok with it.
This song quickly gained attention for being one of the saddest break up songs of all time and it’s a must for any break up playlist.

2. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

The sitch: You miss him but then again you never really had him.
This song is so emotional and addresses the pain that is often misunderstood of longing for a relationship you never really got to experience.

3. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

The sitch: Oh crap. You were the other woman.
This song is fantastic. It’s a very real look at being the other woman and how it rarely turns out the way you’d like when he goes back to “her”.

*Bonus* There’s a slower version of this by Beyonce & Andre 3000 from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack.

4. So What – P!nk

The sitch: He’s a tool. So what?
The song is a typical P!nk track about just not giving a damn. Are done with his crap and ready to take on the world as a strong, independent woman? Good. Now sing this.

5. Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga

The sitch: You really don’t know what happened, but it didn’t work.
The song talks about a typical break up and the automatic journey your brain takes afterwards. It’s all about the “what if” and the “why.” Enjoy this song, then stop torturing yourself, and put all the questioning to rest.

6. The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson

The sitch: He’s left you and broken every promise he ever made. But you know full well you’ll let him come back.
You’re weak and you know it. This beautiful song tells the story of a man who’s left his girlfriend. She feels like her world’s been turned upside down and nothing feels right anymore. All the while, she knows that if he returns, she’s going to let him back in.

7. Emotion – Destiny’s Child

The sitch: You’re in pain but he doesn’t need to know that.
The song is about addressing the truth behind the sadness. It’s only an emotion but you still have to deal. It also applies to those of us who still really, really want our ex to change their mind.

8. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart – The BeeGees

The sitch: You don’t really know how to recover from this one.
Oh man, do you remember when this played in the Sex and the City movie when Miranda and Steve reunited? Ok, forget it because this moment isn’t as beautiful as that. You’re heartbroken but this song is for you too. It’s a pretty standard song about going through a break up and it’s absolutely wonderful.

*Bonus*: The version included in Sex and the City is a slower version that I prefer, it’s by Al Green.

9. I Hate This Part – The Pussycat Dolls

The sitch: It was time to put the relationship to rest and you knew what you had to do.
Did you have to do the dumping? People may not appreciate it but it’s every bit as hard for you. You had to watch your relationship fall apart to the point where you were out of options and you deserve the right to mourn. This song is about the horrible feeling that comes right before the beginning of the end.

10. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

The sitch: You have to end this because it’s what’s best for you both. It hurts like hell but you care too much.
This song tells the too familiar tale of when a break up is about a need instead of a want. When you have to let go simply because you really do love him and you’re not the right thing for him. Perhaps the most painful of the break up causes.

11. Irreplaceable – Beyonce

The sitch: He cheated so he can hit the pavement.
Everyone knows this one. Queen B breaks down the truth behind cheaters. They come a dime a dozen and you deserve better. Put him in his place and send him packing.

12. A Little Bit Stronger – Sara Evans

The sitch: It’s still hard to have said goodbye but you know you can do this.
This song is about that moment when you finally accept that it’s done and you focus on being the best version of yourself possible. You stop dwelling on the “maybe” and “what if” and concentrate on a future without him.

13. Still Hurting – The Last Five Years

The sitch: He’s called it quits but you know he’s completely wrong. You also enjoy Broadway.
The song is from a musical about a couple who are recounting their 5 year relationship following the end of their marriage. It’s about when decides he’s done and walks away but you have unresolved feelings. He’s basically made up his mind that the relationship isn’t worth it and therefore has made your decision for you without any consideration at all.

14. River – Joni Mitchell

The sitch: You need to come to terms with not only the break-up but yourself.
He left but you know why. You weren’t ready for the relationship and handled it poorly. Right now it’s just hard to be happy. This song is about a heartbroken woman who simply wants to run.

15. Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

The sitch: You’re completely relieved to put this behind you. What a waste of time.
The perfect song for when you’re done with the crying and feeling sorry for yourself. You’re able to totally appreciate what a loser he was and get on with your life.

Break-ups are messy no matter what the circumstances are but you will get through it. One of the best things you can do is to make a playlist with these empowering songs that make you feel capable of deleting your ex’s number, throwing out all your pictures together, and focusing on yourself for once. Take the time you need, then move forward. The next chapter of your life is waiting and you can take on the world regardless of your relationship status.

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