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Dear Older Me: There Are 5 Things I Need You To Know

Dear Future Old Me,

Greetings from young and inexperienced me. I am very curious what has happened to you, but no spoilers please. Even though 100-year old me should probably share her health advice on how to live long, I’m here to actually give some advice to older me. Yes, I am a 21-year-old student, who has no idea what to do next. I’ve never had a serious job or visited other continents. I am inexperienced and unknowing, but there are things I can teach you. You learned the lesson long ago: listen to people regardless of their age. They see things from a different perspective and here is mine:

1. Keep Moving

Be active and keep moving. Not only physically, but personally. Life doesn’t end with retirement. It flows further, so should you. Some people stop growing when they are 50, saying that they are simply too old. But they still have decades of life. Why waste this time if you can explore the world? Sign up for language or drawing courses, learn how to drive a flying car (I’m sure you have them already), travel or open the bakery you’ve always wanted to.

2. Stay Playful and Have Fun
I really hope you are not a strict and grumpy grandma who doesn’t allow her grandchildren to play because she doesn’t want them to make a mess. No matter how old you are, you should let yourself relax. Play around and be silly sometimes. As long as you are having fun, don’t stop.

3. Be Positive
Don’t complain about your past, age, health, or other people. Do you wish you did things differently when you were young? Move on. Those things have already happened. Without them, you wouldn’t have learned what you know now. Are you afraid to age? How else can you become a loving and caring granny, who bakes yummy treats for her grandchildren and shares awe-inspiring life stories? Think of it as another aspect of life to explore. And don’t ever be negative about other people. You don’t know their story. Let them live their life.

4. Explore and Learn

The world is enormous. There is no way you could know everything. Even if your knowledge is broad, there will always be something to learn. It is like traveling. Even if you have been to Germany five times and think you know it all, there will always be beautiful cities or towns with amazing history you haven’t been to. Be open-minded and keep exploring the world.

5. Give Love
You have, probably, found yourself and made many of your dreams come true (and hopefully you still have some). But there are still people out there traveling this path: your children, grandchildren, friends or others who may be thinking about giving up. Remember moments when you were in their place and you needed support. Help them move towards their goals. Give them the advice, care or love they need.

That’s what kind of woman I hope to be: moving all the time, taking up courses, exploring places I’ve never been to, playing with grandchildren, gathering family for dinners, and giving love. Age is merely a number. You should be counting happy moments in life.

With Love,
Your 21-year-old Self

Featured image via Ali Pazani on Pexels



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