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Break That Lease: 8 Signs You Need To Move Out Now

Some people are blessed with amazing roommates who they couldn’t imagine living without. While some of us have experienced the downfalls of having an awful roommate. The one that isn’t considerate, the selfish one, the overly passive aggressive, and the one who won’t admit fault to anything. It’s hard to deal with a roommate like these because it can affect every area of your life. To keep your sanity and know you are not alone, here are some major warning signs that you need to get out of that lease. 

1. You constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells in your own home. 
You can’t turn on your music, invite friends over, or simply relax. Because they always have something to say about the issue and will find something to complain about.

2. You don’t want to come home.
Your house should be your sanctuary. Where you can wind down, but at the end of the day that’s the last place you want to be because you know they will be there. Instead you rather spend your evenings at the library or any place with alcohol to avoid the unbearable awkwardness that is your home.

3. You feel that you can never do anything right.
No matter how hard you try to keep the house clean or be considerate, it will never be enough as they will always find something to nag you about. You didn’t put the dishes away the certain way, you washed the pan but left it on the stove because you were in a hurry to work, or something fell behind the trash can. You do something does not agree with their OCD mind and you will hear about it when you get home, or in a passive aggressive text later.

4. They are a hypocrite.
They get upset when you are talking loudly because they choose to go to bed at 9pm. How is this your fault they’re a grandma? Not to mention they are always having people over on school/ work nights past 11 pm with the TV on. This sounds super fair.

5. Your roommate is rude to your house guests.
At this point, it is clear that y’all don’t get along anymore and that’s fine, but they can still be respectful to your guests. By saying hi and introducing themselves. Regardless of how they feel about your roommate, the guest did nothing wrong.

6. You have to constantly stay in your room.
Not everyone is blessed to live in an apartment with a large living area and they take up the whole area, the living room, dining area and kitchen. My last roommate would do this. She would make food in the kitchen while she was watching her shows. This wouldn’t last for just an hour or so, this was every day after work until she would go to bed. What could I do? Watch her awful Lifetime movies? No thanks. I had to stay in my room the whole time.

7. They constantly have people over.
They either have the person over 24/7 or they have their SO over. In your house you want to have quiet time and be alone chilling in whatever. If someone constantly has friends over you have to be social. If they have a boyfriend over all the time you can never just go wherever you want and do whatever you want, or dress however you want. You have to constantly be on your tiptoes. It is so annoying. My last roommate had her boyfriend over EVERY night – they never went to his place. Not to mention, our utility bills rapidly increased as we gained a third roommate (I don’t remember signing up for that in our lease).

8. You can’t go to the same functions any more.
Maybe you belong to the same sorority as your roommate, work with them, or are in the same social circle. But nothing is worse when you don’t get along with your roommate and having to see them outside your home. I use to go to the same church as my old roommate. I don’t go there anymore because I cannot simply deal with her anymore in any situation. It is too much.

After living with a horrible roommate I literally don’t think there is anything worse. The only thing you want after a long day is to come home and relax and feel comfortable in your own place, but when you can’t you are constantly on the edge. I can say from experience it’s not good for your sanity or health to live in a toxic environment. You should live with someone who is kind, understanding, and won’t be a hypocrite or act like your mom. I know what it feels like to be helpless in a situation and thinking you can’t do anything about it, but if you can, just do it. Don’t stay in a crappy situation for the sake of avoiding that awkward conversation.

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