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5 Ways to Dress Comfy and Sweat-Free This Summer

Not everyone likes to go all out and wear the bare minimum for 3 months. Being a winter baby, I absolutely looove when frost hits the ground and the days hit a high of 45 degrees. Besides the beauty of the snow, the frost, and the icy blue skies, the best part about the winter/fall weather for me is of course the fashion. Big knit sweaters and infinity scarfs are forever go-to’s. There is no denying the coziness that you feel in that oversized hoody or sweater. But the summer sun and heat is much too demanding for those wonderfully cozy outfits.

Skimpy shorts and bikinis are not everyone’s thing. And while you can rock them all day everyday no matter what your body size, it’s nice to have conservative and comfortable options in the warm season.

Instead of cringing when flower buds start showing on the trees, I’ve found ways to cheat the system and cover up in a way that makes summer just as cozy as a winter night.

1) High-waisted EVERYTHING!

That’s right ladies. While some people tease about the “mom pants” style, it’s actually an incredibly chic look and a lot of fun to wear.  It gives you “pooch” coverage and also reassures that your rear won’t spill out. And talk about showing off curves! The biggest thing this year: High-waisted bikini bottoms. I absolutely adore this modern twist on 40’s inspired swimwear. Rue 21 and American Eagle’s Aerie have some really cute and affordable options if this look is for you! And speaking of comebacks…

2) Duster Dresses

They’re not exactly your grandma’s duster, but the modern twist on this traditionally 60’s attire is superb. Dusters were originally worn to protect a ladies dress on an outing; basically a floor length jacket. Now they’re popping up again, but think of it as a super long cardigan instead of a jacket. PacSun has a great assortment of spring dusters from their Kendall and Kylie line. Dusters are a great look to rock this summer when you are looking to keep covered and cool at the same time.

3) Kimonos

If you caught a glimpse of fashion week this year, you would see that kimonos are everywhere. Kimonos are the perfect substitute for those of you who can’t let go of your cardigan. They come in all colors, lengths, and sizes. Plus, they are super lightweight and complement everything from shorts to dresses to bathing suits! Check out these adorable kimonos from Forever 21.

4) Maxi Skirts/Dresses

Leggings are a beautiful thing, but you can’t make them thin enough to work with the summer heat. BEHOLD MAXI SKIRTS! Maxi skirts and dresses were huge last year, and they are even bigger this year. They are super cozy, and are perfect low-maintenance options for all occasions!

5) Smocked Shorts

Despite the fact that they are shorts, smocked shorts are the perfect happy medium for those who miss the comforts of winter wear. These shorts typically don’t cling or squeeze against your legs, giving you a comfy feeling that is stylish. They aren’t crazy short either, and the fabric will make you forget all about that cozy sweater dress.

All a sweater lover wants is to be comfy and cozy. With these fashion tips, you’ll be stylish and always comfortable no matter what the season. Happy shopping everyone!

Featured image via Oleja Titoff on Pexels



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