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I Love You Leggings: An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Leggings,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for me (and ladies everywhere). All too often we often roll out of bed, throw you on and start our days without really thinking about all of the amazing things you do for us.

First of all, you make us look great. Let’s face it – you are one of the best things to happen to ladies everywhere since the squat. You hug our curves and show off our figures. There is no denying it: booties look ass-tastic when we have a pair of you on!

Not only do you make us look great, but you make us feel great as well. Gone are the days of doing the awkward wiggle and jiggle “jeans dance”. We slip you on effortlessly and are left with no fear of the dreaded muffin top. Those awful denim jeans leave us feeling stuffed and uncomfortable, but you allow us the freedom to move in whichever direction we please.

You save us time every single day because what doesn’t look good paired with leggings? I can throw on a plaid shirt, a button down shirt or an oversized hoodie and they all look like I strategically planned my outfit (spoiler: I didn’t). Your convenience doesn’t stop there; I can wear you to any occasion. From class, to the gym, to the bar on a Friday night– you’ve got my back and my backside. I can dress you up and I can dress you down. I can wear you literally every single day (and I do).

You allow us to feel completely comfortable without looking like a slob. Sweatpants are great don’t get me wrong, but you encapsulate all the comfort that sweatpants have to offer and you do it with style. You make us feel like we’re dressed to impress while being comfy as hell at the same time.

Farewell to the heated “tights are not pants” debate. Girls everywhere can rejoice and take comfort in the fact that you are a perfectly acceptable choice of bottoms without fear of ridicule.

So from me to you, leggings, I would like to formally thank you for being the best friend a girl can have!

Love Jess and the rest of the female population,


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