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I Am An Adult Who Still Loves ‘Harry Potter’, And There’s Nothing Wrong With That

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Miriam Margolyes, who played Professor Sprout in “Harry Potter,” has some controversial thoughts about adult Harry Potter fans. Last month, Margolyes told New Zealand’s 1News that adult fans of the book series and movies “should be over” Harry Potter. Of course, plenty of adult fans aren’t happy that the actress thinks that the franchise is just for children.

The fans’ reaction is understandable — liking the Harry Potter franchise is such a minor, harmless thing.

In a world with so much bad news, fans don’t need people — especially those with public platforms, like Margolyes — criticizing the things that they love. Even though the series is geared toward children, many adult fans grew up with Harry Potter, so the books and movies are a source of comfort to them. To top it all off, while some fans probably have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter and use it to avoid real-life problems, many fans have a healthy, appropriate love of the franchise. Enjoying a set of children’s books or movies a healthy amount isn’t doing anyone any harm, so adult Harry Potter fans don’t deserve the criticism.

Part of the reason why adults still love Harry Potter is that they associate happy memories with books and movies.

The first “Harry Potter” book came out in the late 90s, so the series shaped many millennials’ childhoods. Some people may still remember the day they picked up their first “Harry Potter” book and the way they felt while reading the series. Others may have fond memories of waiting for their Hogwarts letters or feeling certain parts of the books or movies on a deep, emotional level.

It’s natural to want to revisit our favorite things from childhood to relive the memories and all of the emotions that come with them.

Many adults love the Harry Potter franchise for the nostalgia of it. Surely Margolyes herself has felt nostalgic about something. She may not share the nostalgic connection to Harry Potter that many adults do, but that doesn’t mean that adults enjoying the Harry Potter franchise “for the memories” isn’t valid.

Margolyes also doesn’t seem to realize that the Harry Potter franchise has become so huge not just because of “Harry Potter adults” but also because many of those adults are now raising children. Many of the first fans of the “Harry Potter” books now have children old enough to read the books and enjoy the movies. The series has become one of the classics that parents want to pass on to their children. Now, a new generation gets to love Harry Potter alongside their parents.

The series and movies have both become fun ways for adult Harry Potter fans to bond with their children.

If the actress believes that the franchise is “just for kids,” then she doesn’t seem to know how many of today’s children read their first “Harry Potter” books because of their parents, the adults who she thinks “should be over” Harry Potter. And if any of these adult fans help a child love reading because of the “Harry Potter” books, then adult Harry Potter fans are improving lives.

Miriam Margolyes may not understand adult Harry Potter fans, but that doesn’t mean that she should criticize them for still enjoying the books and movies. In most cases, loving the Harry Potter franchise is harmless fun, even for adults. The adult fans are the ones who are excitedly passing the “Harry Potter” books and movies to the next generation, and the books are still helping children love reading, so Margolyes should be glad that the Harry Potter franchise is making a difference. 

Featured Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash.


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