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You Need To Keep Date Nights Alive In Your Relationship


People put a lot of effort, time, and even finances into finding the perfect partner and creating the perfect date. Across the United States, the cost of the average wedding sits at about $20,000, with the cheapest still coming in at over ten grand and the most expensive averaging over $30,000. 

For the price of a wedding, couples could realistically put a down payment on a house! That is the price the average person is willing to pay for romance. But what about once the honeymoon is over?

To maintain the relationship you have with your partner, you must never take it for granted. One of the easiest ways to keep your significant other close is to institute a regular date night. Some couples make it once a week, others once a month. If you need to give your relationship a little attention, here are a few great ideas to help you start your own date night tradition.

1. Connect At Home

The most common reason couples don’t do date nights is finances. They feel they can’t afford it. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on date night, at least not on every one. There are lots of ways to reconnect right at home.

The longer you’ve neglected your relationship, the more awkward those first date nights can be. 

Games are a really fun way to reconnect. Flowjo card games have a couples’ deck that will help you try some new things and really start talking to each other again. Of course, if you want to spice things up a bit, there are card games for that too. On the other hand, the games you play don’t necessarily have to be about your relationship. A night laughing over a Monopoly board can start reforming those bonds as well.

Also, a luxury backyard campout can be exciting and adventurous without much cost at all. Pop up the tent, adding fairy lights, electric candles, and your best linens instead of sleeping bags. Pick up a low-cost fire pit at the nearest big box store and have a cuddle around the fire while sharing a glass of wine and listening to some romantic music.

2. Get Dressed Up and Go Out

If you can’t remember the last time you got dressed up just for your honey, then it might be time to get out of the house together. A candlelit dinner for two at a romantic restaurant is a classic for a reason. This kind of date takes effort and a bit of a budget, but it can go a long way toward reminding one another of how well you clean up. It can rekindle the spark that got you going in the first place.

If fine dining isn’t your thing, try a fancy night out at the theater or opera. If you are art lovers, you can check out a local gallery. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as it requires each of you to put some effort into your appearance and helps to remind you that you do have an identity outside of work, parenting, and the other less romantic aspects of grownup life.

3. Laugh Together

Though not overtly romantic, a purely fun date night can foster another kind of intimacy. So do something together that makes you both laugh a lot. When was the last time you did laser tag or an escape room without the kids? What about going ice skating? Take advantage of local activities like carnivals, renaissance faires, or street festivals. Leave your everyday problems at home and just have fun together.

Even the best relationships need to be paid attention to. Date nights don’t need to be fancy or expensive. The important thing is to make the time, on a regular basis, to spend time with your partner when the only focus is to have fun and connect with one another. Over half of all marriages won’t make it to their 10th anniversaries. Regular date nights will help you beat the odds.

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