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How To Find The Right Plus Sized Panties

Getting the right underwear can be tricky for anyone, but it’s even harder for plus-sized women. Unfortunately, even with body positivity becoming more prevalent, many clothing brands have yet to provide a wider range of sizes.  

It’s normal for women to want to get different kinds of comfortable underwear in the designs they want, despite what sizes they need. This is why many of these women turn to online boutiques such as EBY. Not many physical stores tend to carry underwear in a wide variety of sizes.  

But making sure that the panties actually fit perfectly is very important, because these are items you usually can’t return. To ensure that your plus-size panties are perfectly sized, here are some things you can do.  

1. Regularly take measurements. 

The first thing is to take your measurements and record them regularly. It’s normal for some women to fluctuate in weight and size. So, to make sure that your purchase is in the right size, you need to use your current measurements.  

You could do this monthly or bimonthly, depending on when your body changes. It’s important to be aware of how your body changes to know where your measurements usually range.  

A great tip is to convert the unit of measurements, too. Some brands use specific measurements, especially if you’re buying from brands from other countries. This way, you won’t have to struggle and rush with conversion as you shop.  

2. Don’t trust sizes. Use sizing guides. 

Don’t trust the sizing tags on many brands. As more people are becoming aware of the concept of health at every size, more brands are carrying a wide array of sizes, but they aren’t always accurate. 

There’s no exact standard for what S to 4XL sizes are, which means that larger sizes aren’t the same for every brand. In addition, known plus-size brands might not even use the same standard as other clothing stores that aren’t specifically for plus-sized people.  

Instead, it’s better to look at their sizing guides so that you can check the actual measurements. And with this, you can take your exact measurements and see what your corresponding size is in that brand.  

3. Look for specific materials. 

Another thing to consider about sizing is how the fabric or material fits for plus-sized women. Intimate wear, like panties, is one of the things that you want to be comfortable in. For smaller sizes, comfort might only be about how soft and breathable the fabric is. For plus-sizes, the fabric needs to be soft and breathable, but they should also be stretchable and supportive, but not tight.  

Cotton is a safe choice, and it comes in various colors, prints, designs, and cuts. If you want more support, nylon and spandex fabrics are fantastic. 

You can look for ribbed designs for more stretch, which might also be made from nylon and spandex combinations. But if you want something pretty and dainty, lace fused with nylon and elastane would be perfect.  

4. Follow plus-sized social media accounts. 

Many clothing brands that carry plus-sizes use social media for advertising. You might be following some plus-sized influencers and love some of their outfits. But aside from social media being a great platform for outfit ideas, it also allows you to connect with brands that might have the sartorial solutions you need. 

You could look for plus-size underwear brands and give them a follow. This way, you are updated with new designs, cuts, and releases that come in your size.  

5. Don’t bother with brands that don’t carry more sizes. 

Some brands are made for specific sizes, just like some stores only market toward plus-sizes. While it would be fantastic for all brands to cater to more sizes, it will take some time.  

Knowing this, you don’t need to look into brands or stores that you know don’t support body positivity. Or, if the brand is specifically for petite sizes, you could cross that off your list. 

You only need to keep brands, stores, and designers that are body-positive and made for women like you on your radar. But don’t treat it as a slight to other sizes. It’s just a practical way to save time while shopping. 

Plus-sizes can be hard to come by if you’re just shopping for panties in a boutique or a mall. So it’s just easier to find brands that carry more sizes online. However, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting the exact sizes by knowing your measurements and getting to know their size guides. Supporting body positivity online will also help you find brands, designers, and shops that carry intimate wear for all kinds of women.  

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