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Family Of Missing Social Media Star, Carly Fleischmann, Says She Is ‘Doing Well’

Carly Fleischmann is a nonverbal Autistic woman.

She co-authored a book with her father and fought through a world of ableism to highlight her humour and personality as an Internet talk show host. Carly Fleischmann also gained thousands of social media followers. She even landed interviews with celebrities like Channing Tatum, James Van Der Beek, and Stephen Colbert

However, in 2019, Carly’s Facebook page posted that her father’s boyfriend sexually assaulted her. The post claimed that her father and staff repeatedly dismissed her allegations.

Her father, Arthur Fleischmann, replied to Carly’s post, dismissing her disclosure as an innocent misunderstanding.

This led Carly’s followers to call him out for blatant gaslighting and trying to silence her.

Someone then deleted the post and replaced it with a new post. It explained that people were listening to Carly, to but she deleted her post because people doxxed her family

However the confusing saga continued when someone posted another post claiming that someone hacked Carly’s accounts.

Someone also deleted this message. However, a portion remains on Carly’s Twitter account. It notes that “the last verifiable post by Carly was on May 30th, 2018.” Carly’s brother also reiterated the hacker claims. He claims that the hacker was a disgruntled former employee. 

It appears that the last time that Carly posted on her social media accounts was in February 2019, though her father posted a video of her in May of that year. 

Therefore, fans continue to comment on Fleischmann’s old posts and on her father’s personal posts with requests for someone to confirm that Carly is safe and well. 

When I reached out to Carly’s twin sister to request an update on Carly, she cryptically stated that Carly’s “lack of communication on social media is not cause for concern.”

She also said that she hopes that “this [update] clarifies any confusion.”

With Carly’s sister’s words in mind, I asked whether Carly planned to return to social media this year or book interviews.  

Her sister declined to give any further information, adding, “I hope you can find satisfaction in knowing that Carly is doing well, as that really is the most important thing.”

I hope that Carly Fleischmann is happy, healthy, and safe.

Her social media followers hope that she’ll return to her advocacy work if and when she feels up to it. But it seems that we all might have to continue to wait for the return of Carly’s voice.

Featured Photo via “Frau arbeitet am Notebook im Cafe. Hand auf dem Touchpad. Nahaufnahme” by marcoverch is licensed under CC BY 2.0


  1. Carly complained a year before that that something was going on, and that her family was trying to silence her about it. Then she disclosed this. Then her father responded from his own account, telling her that she was “misunderstanding” the assault. Then Carly accused him of gaslighting her, and trying to shut her up. And then he did. The posts disappeared, hacking with claimed —and we have never heard from Carly again. She has been disappeared. Was her tablet was taken away, was access to her own account removed? Yes, the world should be worried. Carly’s voice has been silenced.

    • Exactly my thoughts! That response with so little information is really sus. That “She’s fine, shut up” response, especially since it’s not coming from Carly herself, coupled with Carly’s last confirmed update, doesn’t seem trustworthy

  2. Is there any news about her? I just learned about her story and so tragic to find out that she’s missing.


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