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5 Awesome Companies On Kickstarter You Should Support Right Now

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From indoor gardening without any soil required to a lightbulb that apparently has the same benefits as the sun, Kickstarter is a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to get their ideas out there and funded by the public. It’s a website filled with concepts that exceed the expectations of creativity. Moreover, they may even teach you a thing or two about Afro-spiritualism. Whether you’re impressed by everything on this list or not, the one thing every one of these ideas has in common is they need your support to become a working reality!

Here are some of the best items on Kickstarter you should support right now.

1. Bottle Farm

Gardening has been proven to be one of the best ways to strengthen one’s mental health in times of distress. Bottle Farm gives you the chance to grow your own green sanctuary inside your home. It turns any plastic bottle into an indoor farm that produces fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and plants. What’s more Bottle Farm is space-efficient, does not require even an ounce of electricity, is self-watering, and is carbon neutral. Learn more info on Bottle Farm through their main website or pre-order now on Kickstarter!

2. The Present

The Present is a set of 3 clocks that encourages us to be more present than ever. It guides our thinking and behavior into greater alignment with nature and a deeper perspective of time. It challenges our perception of time, encourages holistic living, and teaches us the perennial cycles of our day, the moon, and the year. Through a meditative experience from morning to night, the day clock will change how you see your day. The moon clock lets you see the different variations of the moon in real-time, where the hands on the clock will be on the dark spot every full moon and on the light spot every new moon. The year clock will let you know which season is next or whether the winter or summer solstice is upon us. Learn more info on The Present through their main website or back this project now on Kickstarter!

3. Olly

This works like a lamp but twice as good as any ordinary lamp. Olly is a gadget that works like portable sunlight. Since there’s been a majority of us staying indoors more than usual, we’re more susceptible to being exposed to artificial lighting more than ever. The Olly is perfect to use during rough mornings, when coffee isn’t enough, at work, or at home. This device actually has a faster energy-boosting rate than coffee by 10 minutes. The Olly day boosts your energy in 20 minutes without a crash while the Olly night resets your circadian rhythm — allowing you to sleep better. The Olly night is best when experiencing insomnia, bad sleep quality, getting ready for bed, and yoga, and meditation. Learn more info on Olly’s main website or back them up on Kickstarter!

4. The Divine Mother Tarot Deck

This has the most beautiful art you will ever see in a card deck. Moreover, it’s highly creative and even educational. Founded by Jeremy Frazier, Black Magic Xpressions, and August Brown Jr, these tarot cards display diversity at its finest. A tribute to the Divine Mother that has united all since humanity first took shape in Africa. It features various concepts of African Diaspora in hopes of shedding a deeper spiritual light through African/African-American Afro-spirituality. The imagery and concepts in each visual include spirituality, LGBT, and Tribal African themes. Learn more about The Divine Mother Tarot Deck on Kickstarter!

5. Everland

This is an eco-retreat and immersive art park located within the forests of Denver, Colorado. Ideal for those in need of some soul-searching right now, the park provides a space to co-create and delight in the collective imagination. Filled with jaw-dropping installations, this place couldn’t be more of a sanctuary for the ones who value experience over something to have, who are currently craving times unplugged over plugged-in, and who desire to get lost in a world with a fascinating storyline. It’s 145 acres of relaxation filled with streams, ponds, rock outcroppings, experiential art installations, and utter therapy in nature. This place is truly more than just your average hike in the woods. Learn more about Everland on their main website or support them on Kickstarter!

Overall, Kickstarter is a place that supports anyone who wants to make their dreams a reality. From an immersive art park to a clock that just wants you to be more present with time, these 5 projects are truly some of the most creative and innovative items you’ll find on the website!

Featured image via Bottle Farm Instagram



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