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15 Hilarious Video Conferencing Fails That Have Happened During Quarantine


While the worldwide quarantine brought on by COVID-19 has become the status quo, more and more people are relying on video conferencing. Some use it to do their jobs remotely or attend virtual classes, while others use it to connect with friends and family. However, many people have never actually used software such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. Even if you are a video chatting guru, adding the kids who would normally be at school, and/or mischievous pets to the mix can only lead to hilarity. Check out some of the funniest moments that video calls have brought us thus far into quarantining. 

1. A woman who forgot to turn off her camera before using the restroom

Keep your eye on Jennifer toward the left of the screen, then you won’t regret it! 

2. A man who stood up a bit too soon

At least Tony’s boxer fashion choices are on fleek. 

3. A boss who turned herself into a potato

After all, there are worse things you could be, right? 

4. A woman who must be very annoyed with her husband. 

It seems like there may be some alcohol involved. So drink responsibly, kids! 

5. A teacher who can’t keep his balance 


Tag and follow 😂 let’s hit 250k 🥺 ##ButterGlossPop ##wishmeluck ##xyzbca ##trending ##fyp ##justfollow ##foryou ##dancing

♬ original sound – mikhuul

It’s definitely a class that his students will never forget!

6. A puppet-loving professor


the life of a film major 😂 ##quarantine ##coronavirus ##foryou ##zoom

♬ original sound – ryandreece

After all, you have to admire his enthusiasm! 

7. Professors who had the best backgrounds ever 

This is #TwitterGold. 

8. A man who didn’t think so carefully about his background

I’m sure his co-worker will be milking this situation while giving him lots of mooo-ving cow puns. 

9. A Husband who accidentally streaked


Pro-tip: Make sure you are clothed or check very carefully before walking around your house in any state of undress during the WFH time. 

10. The people who don’t know how muting works 


Mute is arguably the most valuable feature during these video chats. 

11. A kid who has impeccable timing 

Kids say the darndest things! 

12. A dog who revealed too much too soon


Obviously, I can appreciate the dog’s ‘cheeky’ sense of humor. 

13. A woman who accidentally invited her company’s founder to happy hour 


The more the merrier! 

14. A wife who spoke too soon


It’s often wise to listen before you speak. 

15. A cat who wanted to join the call 

I expect that call went purr-fectly. 

Hopefully, some of these video conferencing fails put a smile on your face as well as made you laugh. Living through a pandemic is tough, so we all need a healthy dose of positivity and humor. 

Featured image via Pexels



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