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Please, It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For Your Kind Heart

It’s time to finally stop apologizing for your kind heart. 

There’s no need to apologize for the way you feel and the fact that you feel so deeply. For the way that you continue to thrive regardless of how many times you’ve been wronged and broken. There’s no need to apologize for the effortless way that your heart sees the best in people. They can call you whatever they want or make any comments they want. But know that those people are negative and only wish they could express themselves verbally and physically just like you can. They are unable to accomplish the beautiful things you can. 

Stop apologizing for the way you love and how you show love.

If you love pet names or documenting the adorable things your partner does, keep it up. Those simple acts of kindness and joy aren’t harmful so no one should care how you choose to show your affection to others. Whether you love too much, are too romantic or emotional, wear your heart on your sleeve – not on your back for no one to see. Because if you don’t, you’ll be blinded when it’s crushed without seeing it coming.

Stop apologizing for the way you piece your heart back together or how you heal in times of heartache. Never let people dictate how you heal when they were the ones who caused you pain. No one else knows what you’re going through. So, guard yourself so that you feel your best and be selective of who you let into your life. And don’t feel guilty about closing doors on people for the benefit of your own sanity and protection. 

Stop apologizing for putting yourself first despite the constant guilt you may feel.

It’s normal to feel that way. When you always give yourself to everyone else and finally take a step back to prioritize yourself. But you need to keep growing too. So you confine yourself to a tiny pot forever. Grow into a beanstalk that outshines everyone with your greatness, all stemmed from your kind heart and soul. 

Stop listening to people who tell you that it’s “too much” or that your sensitivity is unrealistic and annoying. It’s actually far from that: it’s beautiful. You should not feel the need to hold yourself back or slow down when you are living unapologetically and only for yourself. 

Stop suppressing how you feel – let it out and let it be loud.

Who cares what people think or say? Only you know how freeing and wonderful it is to be open. And only you know the positive impact it has on your sanity. You can walk away or cut people out whenever you want and however you feel is right. Even if it crushes you in the process. Sometimes, it can be painful because you genuinely care. So, remember that there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that sometimes you have to choose yourself.

And most importantly, stop apologizing for your standards and boundaries. You don’t have to feel bad for not wanting to settle down. You don’t have to feel bad for refusing to play games or be a pawn in someone else’s. And you certainly don’t have to apologize for enforcing these upon others because if they can’t handle it then they shouldn’t be in your life. 

Liberate your heart from the cage other people lock it into. And stop apologizing for who you are. 

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