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43 Truths About Adulting That We Can All Relate To


As the years go by, we notice that some things in our lives change as we become adults. We get new jobs, our friends are all at different stages of life, we move out and buy our own expensive things. People are getting married and having babies literally everywhere, and you become aware of the things you’ve never noticed before. 

The truth is, getting older means different things for different people. But almost all of us can relate to this list that proves we are officially in adulthood.

1. You want to be invited but on the other hand, you don’t want to go.

2. Saying, “sorry, I have to be up early for work” is the new “mom said I can’t go” and you feel no regrets about it.

3. For adults, sleeping in means waking up at 8 am instead of 7 am.

4. You sound like an old hag every time you complain about being older to someone younger. 


5. You realize buying gifts for other people truly sucks. 

6. Packing super early before a vacation to make sure you have everything in order. Then, having to repack closer to the date to ensure you have absolutely everything.

7. Starting a movie any time after 8 pm is considered to be too late for adults.

8. You have a favorite burner on your oven. 

9. The feeling of “how old am I” when you talk about your favorite TV shows to kids and they have no idea what it is. 


10. Wondering if that weird way you feel in the mornings is you being sick or is your new morning normal.

11. Enjoying eating lunch alone instead of being bugged by other people all the time.

12. Splurging on a good bra, purse, pair of jeans and shoes because you need good quality to last you longer.


13. Retail therapy is likely your answer when you are upset even if it shouldn’t be.

14. Looking for older adults for help in public situations even though you are an adult. You just need an adultier adult who actually has their life together.

15. You get a little sad during back to school season because you can’t remember what it’s like.

16. You have created an involuntary grunt which you used to complain about your dad having growing up, whenever you have to get up to do something.

17. Healthy snacks are actually your jam now.


18. Replacing a new sponge or floor cleaning pad gives you the ultimate satisfaction.

19. Marshall’s, Winners, Target and Walmart are your favourite stores you could get lost in forever.

20. Nowadays, being told you smell good is an actual compliment. 

21. You feel obligated to pay for your little cousin’s stupid school fundraisers.


22. Having home Advil, purse Advil, workplace Advil and car Advil.

23. Having an obsession for throw pillows because of no apparent reason. 

24. Cheap gas prices make your heart flutter as well.

25. Your purse becomes a mini drug store full of bandaids, tweezers, candy, and Kleenex.


26. Regretting every missed nap opportunity, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

27. You become aware of the trends in terms of when groceries release what’s on sale, gas prices fluctuating and when it’s time to buy new clothes for a new season.

28. You now hate unnecessary noise. And loud noises in general.


29. You rarely wear heels because they just aren’t practical. 

30. HGTV shows give you life and a new appreciation for minor details in people’s homes.

31. Having your preferred brand of lotion to use to help combat bad skin because Bath&Bodyworks just isn’t cutting it anymore.

32. Recognizing that your sex life truly sucked when you were a teenager and in your early twenties. 

33. You need glasses for distance.


34. It freaks you out when adults your age are having babies on purpose.

35. You create a list for everything. And I mean everything.

36. Rushing to stores the minute you hear they have a sale so you can still treat yourself but stay on your budget.

37. Being so stressed about not having your shit together that you don’t have your shit together.

38. You have a favorite glass to drink from depending on what drink you are drinking.

39. Not feeling old until a child (or even a teenager) calls you middle-aged.

40. Wiping a dusty surface in your home brings you joy to see how clean it is afterwards.


41. You understand why people get so excited to win home appliances on The Price Is Right.

42. Your idea of a vacation is not setting an alarm.

43. Having the “we have food at home” talk with yourself. Then, winning it. 

If you can relate to at least half of these, then you’re pretty close to being a full-fledged adult. But if you can relate to pretty much all of them, well…. Congrats!


Featured image via Alexandra Kirr on Unsplash



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