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This Is How Dying My Hair Helped Me Practice Self-Care

I recently went through a period in my life in which I felt lost and out-of-control.

So in an attempt to regain some sense of direction, I did the most cliché thing I could think of: I dyed my hair.

I went from long brown hair that, in its natural state, is curly and gives off major hippie vibes to a chin-length bleach-blonde style resembling Marilyn Monroe’s signature look. I eventually found that my new hairstyle had an unexpected impact on my life.

First off, I developed a self-care routine.

In order to maintain my new ‘do, I adopted a hair care routine that was more complex than my previous one. Instead of washing my hair and hoping that it will look OK when it dries, I now take at least 10 minutes to ensure that it looks amazing. 

Spending more time on my hair has created a self-care ripple effect in my life.

I’ve also started taking better care of my skin, which then evolved into a full nighttime skincare routine. Taking 20 minutes out of my night to make sure that my pores are happy might seem trivial, but it’s forced me to be mindful of the care I give myself. Additionally, it’s given me time to unwind before bed, which in turn has helped me develop better sleep hygiene. I’ve been happier and healthier ever since.

I also noticed that since I dyed my hair, I’ve become more confident.

Before my appearance change, I was uncomfortable, shy, and often mistaken for a 14 year old. Now, my unnaturally light hair is definitely a statement, which makes it harder for me to hide in a crowd. Friends and family have told me that my new look gives off the impression that I’m sure of myself. 

At first, I didn’t naturally feel confident, but I have learned to embody “faking it until you make it.” After a few weeks of acting the part, I began to genuinely feel confident, which has given me the courage to get into dating. 

I added a new photo to my online dating profile and switched up my bio.

It wasn’t that these changes got me more matches, but my latest conversations were much more promising. They were even leading to dates! Thanks to my new hair, I discovered that it’s hot to know who you are.

Now, I have the power to be unapologetically myself.

Changing my hair color taught me that I have the strength to create a happy life. A haircut isn’t for everyone, but try switching up your look and see everything you’ll gain.

Featured Photo by Chris Arock on Unsplash.



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