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5 Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Pearl earrings, a quality watch, and classic pumps can go a long way in transforming any outfit. We dish out some of our best-kept wardrobe secrets.

Looking good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! In fact, some of the best-dressed people are those who understand the rules of fashion. How to mix and match colors, fabrics, and textures to nail that expensive look. One of the quickest ways to upgrade an outfit is to accessorize it. We’re all about accessories, especially the right ones. So what are these must-have accessories? Find out below.

A classic pair of black pumps

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No wardrobe is complete without a classic pair of black pumps. Black pumps are a universal element that will take any outfit from drab to glam. They can be paired up with anything from jeans and shorts, to skirts and dresses. So take your time to find a comfortable pair – whether you’re looking for ones that are kitten heel size or runway high!

A cashmere blanket scarf

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Scarves are so versatile we can’t help but fall in love with them. No winter and fall outfit is ever complete without the perfect cashmere scarf. What’s great about scarves is the myriad ways in which you can style them to amp your look. Be it on your handbag Hermes-style, or to cover your hair in her Majesty’s fashion.

Wide belts

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If you’ve been working out hard and want to show off that cinched waist, nothing does it quite like a wide belt. We’re so in love with old Hollywood glam and how stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly won our hearts with their waist-cinching feminine outfits. We dare to say that belts played a large part in that obsession! Wide belts look especially chic when you use them to accentuate your waist when wearing long dresses à la Kate Middleton style.

The right handbag

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IWhen it comes to accessories, nothing stands out more than the handbag that a woman carries. This is something celebrities and royalty understand all too well. One of the most iconic handbags of all time is undoubtedly the Kelly – a handbag synonymous with the late Princess of Monaco. This handbag is so exclusive that to buy it, many women have to wait years to get onto the company’s VIP list. You don’t have to get a Kelly, though! The point we’re making is that you should have at least one high-quality handbag in your wardrobe that matches with any outfit you wear.

A statement watch

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A girl should have three main watches in her collection – a gold one, a silver one, and a nude/rose gold watch. These three colors complement almost any outfit and add a touch of glam to your look. Because you’ll only need these three watches, why not treat yourself to some good quality options? You don’t have to buy Rolex, but a quick browse online reveals a wide range of great styles and options. Also the simpler the better – true class is oftentimes understated.

Face-flattering sunglasses

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Many people simply buy sunglasses without knowing that there are shapes that flatter all kinds of faces. Take the time to study your face shape before going out to pick out a pair of shades. You might buy a brand name that doesn’t flatter your face at all. Determine your face shape first so you’ll know the best sunglasses to buy. Just to add on, we also think sunglasses with a gradual tint are better than those of a uniform color.

Bold eye-catching jewelry

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Celebrities definitely know how to wow us with their statement pieces. From red-carpet worthy earrings to simple everyday necklaces. Here are our top picks of celebs who’ve perfected the art of wearing statement jewelry. Just remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your statement pieces. The right piece is one that complements the neckline of your dress or t-shirt.

Bonus: A comfortable workout outfit

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If you’re all about fitness, then you’re going to appreciate our bonus tip. When working out, comfort is a big issue. Don’t be hesitant to try out a new fitness apparel brand when you see one. A lot of people stick to popular (and expensive!) brands unnecessarily. We say, give yourself room to breathe and give the new brand a chance.

If you’re always complaining about having nothing to wear, it might be time for a wardrobe edit. Get rid of torn, small or oversized clothes you no longer wear. Replace them with a few high-quality  pieces and accessories. You can always give some new things a try! Trust us, building a quality wardrobe is the most rewarding thing you could ever do.

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