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20 Struggles About Work You Know Too Well

To quote Tom DeLonge, “Work sucks, I know.” While no one likes going to work, we can all share that common struggle. Heck, there have been scientific studies that prove why we don’t like work or what large issues that affect our workplaces. Understandably so, this is a common trait among all workplaces, regardless of their respective industries. We all deal with the same issues, conflicts, and unfair treatments. And one thing is for certain, we can all relate to the roller coaster our jobs put us through.

Here are 20 things everyone can relate to about work.

1. When your annoying boss gives you more work, criticism or yells at you for no reason at all

They might be able to see the back of your head, but they can’t see the ugly faces we make as soon as they walk away.

2. When you hear other people talking so you might as well pretend to be involved directly but you’re just nosey

We’ve all been there, especially when it involves someone you don’t like.

3. When you finally have a breakdown and snap on your lazy co-worker after months of pent up frustration

At this point, you don’t even care if you get in trouble, this is long overdue and feels amazing.

4. What you tell yourself after you consider calling in sick for the millionth time this year to have fun

If only it just grew on trees…

5. Ending each lunch break like…

Do we ever want to go back?

6. When you finally convince management to do something the entire department has been begging for and everyone loves you for a day

That’s right, new champion right here. Now, where’s the respect?

7. Working in customer service and saying this during every conversation

Every. Single. Conversation.

8. Pretending to look busy like…

#1 employee, right here.

9. How your boss looks at you when you ask to leave early

Only they don’t look as nice as Leonardo DiCaprio.

10. Claiming you hate work drama but are always around to see how it plays out

Who doesn’t love a little bit of excitement and drama from time to time? It’s great entertainment.

11. What the people in IT checking the security cameras probably see you doing

Is anyone ever ashamed of the number of snacks you eat?

12. When you get told about another work meeting that could have been sent in an email

Here we go again…

13. When you and a coworker are given a task to do together before you are okay to leave

You bet your bottom dollar you’re about to work your hardest to get out ASAP.

14. When your manager tells you, “you failed to do the task correctly.”

And they clearly forgot to actually train you.

15. 90% of workplace insults about people are about how they dress every day

And it doesn’t matter if you wear a uniform or not.

16. Thinking this phrase every time people open their mouths to talk about their personal lives

Hell, we think this even if it’s about the workplace.

17. Watching the workplace snitch complain about something you did to the one person in management you get along with so you know you won’t get in trouble

Thank God for one cool person who has some power.

18. Introducing the newbies in the building to the ways you and everyone else works instead of how management wants them to

Someone’s got to be the one to do it, especially if you want to use them to do your work soon.

19. Getting caught socializing at work by management so you pretend to be a disciplinary figure to save yourself

We all know who really runs things here.

20. And lastly, coming to the realization you legitimately have no friends.


Except for these bunch of idiots you spend most of your time with daily.

We may not get along with everybody, the workload may be unfair or too chaotic, but at the end of the day, being bitter about work is kind of fun because we can all relate to it. It doesn’t even matter what field you’re in at this point either.

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