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Don’t Give Up: Why The Right Relationship Is Worth Waiting For

Many of us have been in that relationship that just wasn’t right. Things weren’t running as smoothly as we feel that they should have. It wasn’t that either person was bad – the relationship just wasn’t right. It was difficult; there was fighting, there were things that just didn’t add up correctly – it wasn’t healthy for either party to be involved in the relationship.

Sometimes the best thing that you can do when waiting for a relationship is just to… wait.

There are few things that are worse than being in a toxic relationship when you could be in an incredible one. If you’re in a relationship, a lot of the time people will respect that and they’ll back away. What if the relationship that you’re in currently – the not right one – will chase away the correct suitor?

When you wait to be in the right relationship, it’s beautiful. It will run smoothly, you’ll feel healthier, you’ll feel better about things, you’ll feel more secure and safe in the relationship. It will just feel better. Better to be with someone that you know is the right person. It would feel better to be with someone you know loves you. It’ll feel better if you’re with someone you know is just… right.

You may get impatient – everyone wants to feel loved and sometimes jumping into a relationship with someone may feel like the best way to do that.

It may feel like that’s the only way to get the love that you’re looking for. It may feel less lonely – don’t use someone else to cure your loneliness. Grow comfortable with yourself, grow comfortable in your own skin.

When you’re comfortable in your own skin it opens up a world of opportunity. With a relationship you want someone that loves you for you. It should be with someone that adores your quirky flaws and thinks that they make you a better person. There should be someone that makes you feel happier and makes you want to be a better person than you already are.

In the wrong relationship – you may feel these negative feelings boiling to the top of things.

You’ll feel your insecurities. You’ll feel yourself feeling badly about yourself and about the other person. There could be fighting and there could be constant negative emotions involved. That will be the downfall. It could cause your self esteem to shrink, and you may question yourself.

In the right relationship – you won’t feel like you’re floating on clouds.

You won’t feel like those butterflies are a constant thing. You’ll feel content, you’ll feel happiness, you’ll feel the love radiating between the two of you like it was just meant to be there. It’ll be more fulfilling than a million of those relationships that you were in out of loneliness.

Remember: Love yourself first and always.

Love yourself to the point that other people can’t help but love you just as well. Just love yourself and open yourself up to the love of another person. It’s going to be an incredible thing just to love and be loved. Wait for the right person – it’s well worth it.

Featured image by Andrik Langfield from Unsplash. 



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