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10 Things We Should Learn At School To Be Prepared For The Future

It’s been 18 years since I graduated High school, and I look back now and think,”Why couldn’t they have classes on that instead of this”? We have all been there. So here is my list of ten things I think they should teach high school students now.  Some of them you make think are about old school or maybe even inappropriate. But, I believe this idea or vital to preparing a fresh faced 18 year old for the real world. The more prepared they are; the better off they will be in the future.

  1. Basic Math

Now, don’t get me wrong; algebra, trigonometry, and physics are all great if you are planning on going into a specific field in which you need to use those skills every day. However, there are only a few actual ways you’ll use these types of math. Many people today don’t even know how to make a change from a $5 bill. I would also like to see more middle school and high school classes on doing simple budgeting and saving for houses. I believe these are key life skills that future generations desperately need.

  1.   Cursive

I know most kids these days probably don’t know what “cursive” is because they use so much shorthand and use technology instead of writing, but I think learning to write cursive would benefit them. I also believe cursive is a lot more professional in the workforce, so they should know how to write it. Kids need to stop writing in shorthand with emoji on their cell phones. Also, schools need to bring back basic English classes, as well. You’d be surprised how many adults struggle with this.

  1. Home Economics

Schools need to bring back classes like cooking, baking, and sewing. They should have those classes on rotation,  not just from one semester to the next. I recently saw a video in which several people attempt to cut an onion, but none of them knew how to do it.  These days, some people don’t even know how to boil water. Please bring back these life skills classes in full rotation. That includes learning how to fold a fitted sheet because oh my God; what a nightmare!

  1. Automotive Skills

I think all students should know how to change a tire and when their oil needs to be changed, so I think schools should bring back basic mechanic classes.  These are great classes for teens to learn the value of their vehicles and not just base its worth on the price tag. These classes will teach the basic ins and outs of teens’ cars car and what to do if they’re alone when it breaks down. This way, they’ll also learn the value of taking care of their things.

  1. Basic emergency skills

What does this mean? This means that students will learn know first aid.  They’ll also learn how to do CPR on both children and adults, what to do if a child or adult has an allergic reaction to something they ate, and what to do an adult figure is having a heart attack or stroke. Teens who take first aid classes will always know what to do. Too often, we panic in these situations, and that is because we lack the skills that we need to act appropriately and as quickly as possible.

  1. Manners and etiquette

I know learning proper etiquette sounds old-school, but nowadays, kids need good manners more than ever. Knowing which fork to use is a must for their first big dinner party or business-related outing is a must, but teens would also learn appropriate dinner conversations current events… outside of what’s trending on social media. Knowing these skills and happenings not only shows maturity, but it also will put you in good standing with your employer. There are a time and place for “Hey, what’s up, girlfriend?” and a completely different time and place for “Thank you so much for this opportunity; I look forward to working with you next quarter.”

  1. Self-defense classes

While I know this may not seem like the norm for schools to teach, it is sadly necessary in today’s social climate. Kids nowadays need to know how to properly react when they are faced with danger.  They need to be able to react quickly and rely on their own natural instincts to self-protect. These classes would help to fine-tune their basic abilities and help them to defend themselves from others when they find themselves in dangerous or risky situations.

  1. Couponing

Couponing has literally taken on a life of its own! I mean, has anyone ever seen TLC’s Extreme Couponing show?! OMG! Not only will the young adult learn the value of a dollar, but they can physically see what happens when you stretch a monthly budget as far as it will take you. If you coupon correctly, you can save yourself a pretty nice chunk of change!.

  1. Goal-setting.

Students need to learn how to set both long-term and short-term goals. School is an intense, competitive setting to begin with. Why not have the students meet with their counselors and make a goal list for what they can accomplish now and what they can do to accomplish their goals more quickly? They should also work on long-term goals for when they are  Why not completely embrace the whole “vision board” concept?

  1. Real estate classes

Teach students about the ins and outs of real estate. Real estate classes will teach them when the best time to sell or buy their first place. Teach students about the inspection process and which questions/concerns to cover. Also, teach them how to spot a scam job and who and what to look for in that scenario. The Money Pit is a Tom Hanks classic, but you don’t want an eighteen-year-old to be the list for debt collectors to come calling.

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