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10 Ways To Become Friends With Your New Roommate

Move-in day is quickly approaching, and I know from experience that getting a new roommate can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are a first-time college student and have never shared a room with anyone.

The idea of sharing a space with someone you have probably never met can be a terrifying struggle. You start asking yourself a million questions and overthinking everything. Having a roommate can make or break your college experience. But, there are a few things you can do in the beginning stages of living with your roommate to help ease the uneasiness.

Find common interests.

This is something that will help you for the rest of the year. Knowing things you and your roomie both like will give you things to talk about. You will be able to open yourself up and feel less awkward. The fact that you are both at that school is a great way to start a conversation with your roommate because you can talk about why you ended up there and what your future plans are.

Learn about their family.

Whether you love them or you can’t stand them, you absolutely have a family. It’s pretty easy to talk about family because you’ve probably been with them for your entire life. Knowing someone’s background helps you understand who they are and what is important to them. It’s also fun to find out where your roommate is from, what pets they have, and what their siblings are like. Talking about your family is also a good way to ease homesickness.

Put your fears out in the open.

You and your new roommate are both on this college journey for the first time. Talking about the parts of college that scare you or make you anxious is a good way to be vulnerable and let others in. You may be able to bond over a few anxieties, and work through them together. It’s also good to have a support system in college, and bonding with your roommate is a great way to start building one.

Share your excitement.

Starting college isn’t all bad. It’s also super exciting. There are so many possibilities just waiting for you to discover them. After talking about your fears, talking with your roommate about the opportunities college brings can be a great way to boost up your mood again and focus on the positive. Discussing what you are most excited about will allow you both to learn new things and figure out what the two of you can do together.

Watch a new TV show together.

Chances are, one of you has Netflix. So, find a show you and your roommate are both interested in, and start watching it together. This will give you something to do together and something to talk about. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between you and your new roomie, and it’s a fun thing to come back to after a long day. There are so many great shows out there, so you will never run out of options.

Decorate your dorm room together.

Unpacking is a pain. As someone who has gone through the unpacking process three times, I know the hassle of trying to fit all of your stuff into a tiny space. One fun thing about unpacking, though, is decorating. Decorating with your roommate will give you a bonding activity, and it will provide you both with a great chance to make your room feel like home. If you sync together on decorations, your room will tie together and look really nice.

Take a class together.

Everyone has classes they have to take, so taking a class or two with your roommate will make you both closer and give you a study buddy. It can take away a little of that anxiety of not knowing anyone in class. As study buddies, you and your roommate can help remind each other when things are due. I don’t recommend taking every class together, but one or two will provide a nice balance.


Chances are, you and your roomie are both lost when it comes to getting around campus. Sure, you had tours, but how much of that do you remember? Going out and exploring will get you out of your dorm. You can find things together, and you can learn a little about the school you are at and the campus you are living on. This is also a great way to meet new people and make some new friends together.

Pamper yourselves.

If you and your roommate love beauty, pampering yourselves during a girls night in is the perfect way to bond. Pick a night every week to do some pampering. You can do each others’ nails or do face masks. It’s a great way to relieve stress and spend some quality time together. You could also invite some of the girls from your floor to meet some new people and have super fun time.

Eat together.

While there is nothing wrong with eating by yourself, going to the dining hall for the first time can seem super scary. Tagging along with your roommate will give you someone to sit with. The two of you can talk and learn more about each other. Everyone has to eat anyway, so why not go together?

I can’t guarantee that you and your roommate will get along and have a perfect relationship. But, you won’t know unless you try. There are so many great ways to ease the uncomfortable process of living with a roommate and meeting new people for the first time. These are tried and true methods of going from strangers to roommates to great friends.

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