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Why Lorde Is The Kind Of Artist You Can Actually Relate To

Lorde has been proving through her Melodrama tour that she’s not an ordinary pop artist. Lorde’s Melodrama Word tour started on Sept. 26, 2017, and is still going until July 20, 2018. This tour is highlighting her Grammy-nominated album “Melodrama” and her previous album “Pure Heroine.” Lorde’s concert experience is different from other artists you see in concert because she’s straightforward, dramatic, and authentic.

Less is more, that is Lorde’s specialty. She proved that all she needs is her voice, dancers, and some lights. Occasionally a piano that plays familiar melodies. She’s not like many artists who tend to rely on crazy stunts or fireworks. Her performances highlight her vocal ranges and poetic lyrics. The only fireworks you will experience in the Melodrama tour are the ones coming from your heart.

Lorde’s performance is dramatic but not the kind of drama you imagine. It is melodramatic. It plays in the theater, story, and emotional aspects that consists of a melodrama. She starts the tour with a high feeling with her song “Sober” and wraps up the tour with “Team.” She takes you through the journey of falling in love, fears of growing up, to learning about self-love and getting over a broken heart. Lorde’s performance illustrates the struggles and success of her overcoming all these feelings in her life.

Lorde differentiates from other performers because she’s authentic. She doesn’t try to be like another performer out there; she’s herself. She shows us that she is relatable and honest. Lorde opens this door that lets you connect with her on an emotional level that not many artists have accomplished. She expresses the importance of self-love through speeches. “You just got to be yourself, there is nothing else. You can’t just show up every day with someone else’s clothes it’s not going to work.” Lorde expressed before one of her songs below, ”you have to be the person for better or worst.”

Lorde has demonstrated that she is a simple, dramatic, and real person. She’s straightforward in all ways letting her true talent so case the show. She has a storytelling quality that keeps you coming back for more. She reminds you that you and her share the same struggles. Lorde has made it clear from the start of her career that she is not your usual pop artist. Now, seeing her grow she has made it clear who she is and wants to be. That’s precisely what the Melodrama tour has highlighted and brought her closer to her fans.

Featured image via “Lorde” by Constanza.CH / CC BY



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