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Tessa & Scott Are Going To Be On Ellen And The Tweets Are Hilarious

I hope everyone is ready for this announcement because, for us Canadians, this is huge! Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, Canada’s darling figure skaters, are going to be on Ellen on March 20th! I REPEAT: Scott and Tessa will be on Ellen in five days!

For those of you who don’t know, Scott and Tessa are four-time world figure skating champions (three senior and one junior), and they have two gold olympic medals and one silver, along with many other accomplished wins throughout their careers. And now, these London, Ontario born skaters are going to be featuring on The Ellen Degeneres show by performing a dance on stage!

Along with the excitement that fans have over hearing that the two ice dancers will be appearing on Ellen, fans are also concerned with a few questions regarding Scott and Tessa’s love life. Twitter reactions to Scott and Tessa’s feature have been booming, and let me tell you, some are just plain hilarious. Here are 15 reactions from the Twitter universe that demonstrate just how excited we all are about this announcement.

Does anyone else totally agree with this? Like yea it is Scott and Tessa’s choice, but they should probably just be together for the world’s sake, right?

Don’t worry Debbie, you aren’t the only one who went a little bananas over this news.

I mean, is anyone really against this idea?

No one can even right now!

Everyone prepare to be slayed, because it is true: our lives are going to be destroyed by this dance on March 20th.


Little do you know, but we have been picturing this for about ten years now.


Trust us kids, it is going to be worth playing hookie on this day. Unless you have PVR, then go to school.


I told you, this is really happening you guys! Start fangirling!

It is so fair to want to cry over this news. This is a judgement-free zone.


Name a more iconic duo. I dare you.


These two were definitely hand-selected by the gods above and sent to us as a gift.


Look Ellen, we are all counting on you to handle this task. Please don’t disappoint.

I had the exact same reaction!


Someone get this girl a paper bag. Actually, someone get all of us a paper bag!

As you can see, the twitter-verse has some amazing reactions. In fact, we just can’t feel more proud of these Canadian ice dancers making their way to big American television. Although they already have so many amazing accomplishments, appearing on Ellen is another one that they get to add to their list. Congratulations Scott and Tessa, you guys deserve all of this for your years of hard work and dedication!

Feature image via David W. Carmichael / CC BY



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