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30 Thoughts You Had Watching Gossip Girl For The First Time

It’s a show all about snobby rich kids, and most of us don’t have a lot in common with the characters.

Over ten years ago, Gossip Girl hit the screen and became one of the most popular TV shows. The series has finally made it on the Canadian Netflix, and I have decided to see what all the hype is about. YES, I know right? I must be the ONLY person on earth who has never watched Gossip Girl.

Here are my newbie thoughts while watching the first season.

  1.      Who is “Gossip Girl”?
  2.      Blake Lively is perfect, why is she so pretty? How old is she in this? (After google searching for a half hour, the web told me she was 18)
  3.      Okay, Serena calm down. It isn’t THAT big of a deal to show up at a train station… And, you’re in high school, why do people treat you like a celebrity?
  4.      So Nate’s girlfriend is practically throwing herself at him, and he’s more excited to see Serena? Time to move on, Blair.
  5.      Why does Blair look pissed to see Serena? Aren’t they supposed to be best friends?
  6.      I already can’t stand Chuck.
  7.      Dan is so cute, in a weird and cool way. Got my eyes on that dude.
  8.      Dan and Jenny’s dad is wearing a CHOKER. NO. #notcute
  9.      Dan’s dad is hot. Good looks run in the fam.
  10.   How old are these kids supposed to be in this show? They are drinking in bars? How?
  11.   SERENA SLEPT WITH NATE. That’s why he’s so hung up on her.
  12.   Serena, WTF. You’re supposed to be BFFs with Blair.
  13.   This series has great music. I feel like I’m back in the early 2000s.

  15.   Dan and Serena make such a great team
  16.   Dan is such a good brother
  17.   How the hell is Chuck a fan favorite? He’s a pig.
  18.   Blair treats everyone like shit. I mean, yes you’re going through a hard time, but don’t be rude.
  19.   Serena is so nice, I forgive her for sleeping with Nate.
  20.   I can already see Jenny’s and Eric’s relationship blooming into a romance later on in this series.
  21.   As if Blair just called Serena a druggie in front of college reps. You took it too far girl.
  22.   So cute, Eric is such a good brother sticking up for his sister like that.
  23.   Does Blair actually feel bad? Are those real tears?
  24.   She is just so fake, I can never tell which emotions are real.
  25.   Serena is so real, she is my favorite.
  26.   Dan and Serena better stay together, they are so damn cute.
  28.   I wish I could sit in Central Park and read in the rain. Also, I want her hat.
  29.   Poor Blair… I actually feel bad for her… Maybe she is so angry at the world because her BFF wasn’t there for her…
  30.   I’m hooked.

This looks like a great TV series. And, by great… I mean another dramatized show to get caught up in. I never thought I would like it because it seems superficial and unrealistic. But, thanks to my love for Blake Lively, I gave it a go, and now I am addicted. I can’t tell yet if we are supposed to guess who the gossip girl is, or if she is just like a narrator?  I’ll find out soon enough!

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