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How To Successfully Survive The Online Dating World

Dating in today’s day in age now consists of numerous apps that we can download and have numerous men available to us in a matter of seconds. How to properly navigate all these dating apps and messages while remaining sane is quite the balance. Keep reading to find out how to successfully navigate the world of swiping right.

Let’s start off with photos

You need to pick photos that your friends approve of, better yet, get a friend to choose your photos for you. Sometimes you think a photo of yourself looks better than you think. Your friends know your angles and can help you choose the best photos of you. In order to make the best out of your profile, choose photos that represent who you are and what you enjoy. I personally think that you should include at least one photo with friends/family, one photo of yourself that includes something you like such as interests/hobbies and one photo of yourself from far away. These photos need to be clear and not blurry in quality.

The men who only have one single photo of themselves looking strikingly handsome with perfect skin and eyes are more than likely a fake. This person is either married, in a relationship or simply does not look the way they want to look which is the reason they are not using their own photos. These men choose photos from a male model on another social networking site because they do not want their own photo publicly associated with the dating app. These types of profiles need to be avoided because what we as women want is to not have our time wasted when we are dating and if you simply only put one photo in your profile, you don’t deserve us to question the reasons why you only have one photo or why you are using a fake photo. Simply put, we deserve someone real and authentic from the moment we start communicating with you.

Your Bio
Your bio is an important area which can either make or break you.

People who are using dating apps only spend a few seconds on your profile, ensure that your bio is short and to the point. Please do not put paragraphs and paragraphs of information in this area. This should be one or two sentences. I enjoy a man’s bio which is fun or is referring to a popular television show or something silly to start a conversation with.

A man’s bio will tell you if he is going to interact well with you or not. I usually stay away from anyone who writes pessimistically on their profile or states that they are “only looking” for certain things. Personally I think that during your interaction with someone you will be able to tell what they want or need, so why target yourself as someone judgmental before you even start communicating?

The message
The messages back and forth to one another should be light-hearted.  I usually send the first message to the guy because I am interested in getting to know people and I don’t see messages as anything too serious or anything you should be intimidated by.

If he asks for pictures within the first message, you should probably unmatch and delete this person. The messages that you send to one another are an important indication as to how well you would interact with one another. I usually keep the messages back and forth to one another for a few days. Anything longer than a few days, they usually fizzle out and the two of you get busy.

Please do not take a person not responding to your messages as you not being worthy of dating or have it be any indication of your value as a human being. There are lots of people who use dating apps as a way to see what is out there without actually putting in effort. Some guys simply get off on messaging a single girl when they are married or in a serious relationship. Some guys simply send messages because they are bored. Some guys are swiping right to hundreds of girls and getting hundreds of messages back. Please do not let it dictate your worth because you are worth so much more than unanswered messages over a dating app. If a guy wants to message you and is interested in you, you will know it.

If he doesn’t ask you out in the first few days of messaging back and forth, you should probably take that as a hint that he doesn’t want to put in the energy to actually court you. If you are feeling like you want to give him your number because you’re sick and tired of the messages, simply say “We should go for a ____ one time. Here’s my number.” Usually, the man will take the hint and send you a message. Please do not be intimidated by giving someone your number. This is messages over a screen, now is the time to be bold and send the man a message loud and clear that you are interested.

Dating apps are a way to get to know people. Please don’t take them too seriously. Your profile is a small piece of who you are a person. If someone doesn’t answer you back or ask for your number, they probably aren’t worth your time or effort anyway. Dating apps should be easy and effortless, that is why they were created. So please swipe right on your potential dates and don’t let it determine your worth if someone doesn’t swipe right on you.

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