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Why Having Stability While Growing Up Is Crucial

We all know the importance of stability when it comes to children! As we grow up and see our friends getting married and bringing kids into this world, it can seem like you are just too immature for that life. However, it could actually be that you are choosing the smarter choice. Waiting to start a family doesn’t mean that you are immature. On the contrary, it could indeed indicate that you are mature enough to understand the incredible responsibility associated with having children. Think back to how you were raised. Did you grow up with two stable biological parents? Or did you travel from home to home with divorced parents? Depending on how you were raised, your standard could be different from someone else’s. How we are raised directly influences how we understand the world. Here are a few reasons why having a stable environment is critical for children.

Stability And Freedom Can Go Hand In Hand

Some children need familiarity while others enjoy the novelty of life. That being said, all children need a place that they can call their own. A sanctuary where they feel safe and secure. Whether it’s the loving embrace of their mother or a bedroom at their dad’s place, children are looking for stability as they grow up.

Different Kinds Of Stability

While it may appear like hippie parents may look on the surface to be unstable, that’s not necessarily true. And super strict parents could restrict their children’s freedom to a significant degree that leads to an unhealthy mentality as an adult. In the end, it’s critical to remember that there is a variety of stability that can be good for different types of kids. There is the stability of love, the balance of having dinner on the table at a particular time, or the stability of a single home.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, before bringing a child into this world, consider your own life. Do you have a stable partner? Do you have family support? Consider all the factors that allow for you to bring your child a childhood that he or she would actually want to be a part of. When considering whether or not you are ready to have children, you must take a close look at whether or not you could provide stability for a child. Perfect families don’t exist, we all know this. However, we can try our best to bring kids into families that are safe and secure. Without proper stability and security, your child may grow to resent you, learn poor relationship behavior, and perpetuate the cycle of toxic and unstable relationships.

I may not have kids right now, but I am mature enough to know that although I’d like a child of my own one day, right now it not an ideal time, and that’s okay. Others should take heed and pause before bringing an innocent life into this crazy world.

Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash



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