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12 Reasons Your Wine Obsession Is Actually Healthy

You probably clicked on this article because you thought, “yes! There are benefits for wine! Such great news!” But I do have to start off this piece with some bad news first. Because of changes in the weather, grapes in the world’s leading wine producing countries (aka Italy, Spain and France) are suffering, which means one thing…


So, you’re going to need to stock up and start drinking. But there are plenty of benefits from wine:

  1. Wine is full of antioxidants thanks to the skin on grapes. They help protect our cells against harmful effects of free radicals (whatever that means).

2. Wine is basically like drinking fruit. Nutritionists say you’re supposed to eat 4-5 servings a day, and when you drink a lot of wine, you still get that serving. It counts. So I’m going to keep drinking.

3. Wine helps us not get sick! It contains zinc, which is crucial in helping the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses.

4. It enhances your libido! And no, it’s not always the goose that gets you feeling loose. Studies proved that it helps increase sexual desire as well as cause more lubrication for women. No wonder good and bad things come from a bottle of wine..

5. Wine could help you burn fat easier! It has the ability to turn white fat into brown fat (the kind that burns quicker). Treat yourself to that glass after the gym.

6. It can help fight inflammation! If you have an injury, studies have found that red wine can stop the body from creating well-known inflammation trigger molecules. I should have drank more wine when my wrist was broken all summer if that’s the case…

7. Red wine can help fight against dental disease! Why? Because it kills bacteria in your mouth.

8. It helps you fall asleep quicker. Drinking the nice stuff makes you drowsy so you can fall asleep…. I may or may not use this technique to get out of functions I don’t want to be at…

9. Wine could prevent memory loss. A 2015 study found that resveratrol could help improve cognitive memory and mood function in old age.

10. Wine bottles and boxes can be help our fitness. When full, they are very heavy. And carrying them can help us gain muscle mass and workout when we are lazy or in a hurry.

11. Wine is great for your heart! It contains resveratrol, which is one of the key ingredients in red wine, which helps keep our hearts healthy by preventing damage to blood vessels and blood clots. It also makes our hearts happy, so it’s very beneficial.

12. Wine can help you live longer! Studies have found that drinking low or moderate helpings of wine last longer than those who drink low or moderate than those who drink liquor live longer. Betty White was right y’all!

If you need any other reasons to drink aside from a wine shortage, the healthy benefits and the fact you love it. Well grab yourself a glass and start counting all the reasons why you need to have a glass! At least you know you’re being healthy!

Featured image via Elly Fairytale on Pexels



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