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6 Friendly Reminders Why Trudeau Is Better Than Trump

It’s almost been a year since Donald Trump became president of the United States. We’re all still shocked he hasn’t been impeached or well… assassinated, quite frankly. And while the world laughs at the misfortunate events in the States, they can’t help but praise the leader of their neighbor country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Yes, any politician at this point (and in history) has been better than Trump, a sleazy celebrity/businessman, so it’s easy to look at someone else and like them better. But if you look at the issues the PM actually supports, you would see how progressive he is with the times.

Here are your daily reminders that Trudeau is better than Trump:

  1. He strongly believes in women’s rights

I think part of this is the fact he’s the son of such a strong woman and married to a woman equally as strong and independent. He even goes so far to say he is a feminist and that he’s raising his sons to become them too. Finally, a man up to date with the times!

2. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable while supporting Canadians

Last week Canadian music icon Gord Downie, a lyrical genius who wrote about Canada in an indescribable way, passed away. While addressing his passing, our PM shed a few tears in a personable moment that will go down in history. Proves he felt the same way as every Canadian.

3. He supports the LGBTQ community

There have been many iconic moments of him at our gay pride parades, but his dedication to showing the freedom to love makes him so much more special.

4. He pushes change towards the generation who needs to hear it the most; the children

It’s easy to say that our children are our future, but he always makes an effort in encouraging the youth of today to make a difference and be the change. They are the most influential people, and he does a good job trying to reach their ears.

5. His relationship with the Obama’s

They had a greater bromance at times than Joe Biden and Barack himself. They were equally as progressive, shared similar views and made a great time. Who can’t say they don’t miss that?

6. He deals with this guy

I’m pretty sure Trudeau can’t stand Trump as much as the rest of the world, especially because of how different their views are. But you have to admit, he does a damn good job at not punching him in the face and staying polite.

Sure, not everyone likes some of what he stands for and is executing within the country, I know I don’t. But that’s the thing with politicians. And anyone is better to lead a country than Donald Trump is. I have to say, it makes me more and more proud to not be American and directly dealing with his antics when I have a progressive world leader like Justin Trudeau.

Featured image via “Justin Trudeau Backstage with Media” by batmoo / CC BY-SA



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