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The 5 Different Types Of Hookups You Have After A Breakup

The first one:

It doesn’t matter if it’s one day or one year after your breakup, the first hookup is difficult. You can’t help but compare it to your ex, no matter how hard you try not to think of your ex at all. It’s the first time in a while where there aren’t feeling involved and it catches you off guard. It’s difficult to think that this person doesn’t know you or your body nearly as well as your ex-did.

At the same time, you’re a little proud of yourself. You finally had the courage to move forward and let someone new into your space. You’re a little bit closer to being over your ex, in a way. It makes all the difference.

The person you always were a little attracted to but never pursued because of your relationship:

You knew from the moment you saw this person that you thought they were delicious and you wanted to have a taste of them, but your relationship was always a priority and so you remained faithful. Now that your relationship is over, you finally get to flirt with that one person who you, whether intentionally or not, always had on the back burner. You let this person take you home, but in the end, you’re a little disappointed—it’s not that you really expected more, you just expected something different.

The person you hooked up with before your relationship:

You’re out at a bar when you lock eyes with that person you used to hook up with back before you settled down with your now ex. You awkwardly smile and wave, walk toward each other, and start up a conversation – hey it’s been a while, how are you? – that doesn’t last long. You’re sharing a cab, in less than half an hour. Hooking up with them again is like slipping into an old, comfortable sweater. In the morning you laugh it off and get breakfast. It makes you feel back in your skin a bit, reminds you of the person you were last time you were single.

The absolute random person you hook up with on impulse:

You don’t expect to hook up with this person at all. You meet at the bar, or on Tinder, and from the moment you see them you know that it’s going to just be a random one-night stand. You wake up in the morning wondering what the f*** you’ve done, but you don’t necessarily regret it. Deep down you needed that wild, no strings attached, only-attraction hook up with a stranger.

The one who makes you believe in feelings again:

You meet for coffee first. You get to talking and the conversation never lulled. Silences are never awkward when they do occur, and they are rare. When you do hook up with this person, they are kind, caring. You weren’t hesitant at all, but you still had that good kind of nervousness in the pit of your stomach—you so desperately want to not mess up with this person. When you wake up in their bed, you don’t feel the need to run. When you go home, you dance around, giddy. You can’t wait to see them again. For the first time since your breakup, you’re ready to try.

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