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Why Learning How To Take A Compliment Can Set You Free

Do you get super awkward when someone compliments you? You are not alone! For self-proclaimed perfectionists, it can be a complicated concept to understand the proper way to handle compliments with class and grace. In fact, by not allowing a good compliment to sink in, we dismiss ourselves and end up putting ourselves down. As a result, being able to rise above our fear and shame is a wonderful way to become a better version of ourselves. Therefore, learning to take a compliment without cringing is easier than you think. Here are some super helpful tips for those of us who need to remember to love ourselves and witness the love all around us!

Stop Putting Yourself Down

For most perfectionists, we always think that we can be or do something better. However, others don’t approach life or situations from that perspective. In fact, most people attempt to do their best and are okay with whatever the results may be (even if it’s not the best). When it comes to perfectionists, we tend to live in a world where we feel like we don’t deserve praise for all out hard work. Instead of listing off the lengthy reasons why you aren’t worthy of praise for your accomplishments, choose to focus on how amazing you truly are!

Don’t Assume The Other Person Is Being Phony

One great way that we avoid taking a compliment rests on the assumption that the individual dishing out the praise doesn’t actually mean it. In fact, this is one of the best ways that we can get in our heads and reject genuine compliments. As a result, we often end up pushing people away because we don’t let them into our world. In the end, believing that a compliment isn’t genuine can come off insulting to the other person. Unintentionally, you could be coming off as a total jerk instead of the caring and kind person you truly are.

Stop Focusing On Your Perceived Weaknesses

We all have various flaws and imperfections. In fact, no one is perfect. Understanding that perfection doesn’t exist is quite difficult for a perfectionist to comprehend. However, focusing on your strengths can be an excellent way to learn how to take a compliment from someone else. While there is plenty of time to concentrate on improving ourselves, let yourself bask in the glow of someone recognizing you is important for your overall sense of well-being.

Avoid Deflecting Compliments To Others

One trick that most people who have trouble accepting a compliment do is to deflect. In fact, it can almost be an unconscious behavior of those of us who suffer from the inability to graciously take a compliment. When we become embarrassed when someone gives us a compliment we can easily deflect it onto someone else. Even though it is always good to dole out compliments, accepting them for yourself is critical for your happiness.

Being able to take a compliment is critical for our well-being. In fact, owning our accomplishments and accepting praise allows you to be kinder to yourself. In doing so, you can break free from the shackles that you’ve placed on yourself. As a result, you become a better version of yourself. At the end of the day, there is absolutely no need to brush off a compliment because you fear you may come off as cocky or arrogant, instead, hold yourself with grace and be willing to get honest about the immense talent and accomplishments you have achieved. Now, go out there and be prepared to take that compliment like a champ!

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