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Put Down Your Phone And Pay Attention To The World Around You

Remember back in the day, before social media, when you were forced to call someone to see how they were doing? When you were required to ask questions about someone’s day or when you were excited to personally contact someone to let them know what was going on in your life? Remember what it was like to have a face to face conversation without the glare of someone’s cell phone blinding your eyes from an actual conversation happening in front of you?

Now all that is required of us is to open social media to see what is going on in everyone’s lives. Let’s face it, social media has made us lose personal touch with society.

Social media has created this demon that is forcing personal interaction to come to a screeching halt. Why go out of your way to check on your friend when you can just pull up their Twitter and see that they are fine, ranting about Trump per usual and retweeting cute cat videos?

With all of these outlets at your fingertips reach, it makes it seem unnecessary to check in with people and see what or how people are doing when they are posting about it all day long. Snapchat told you that they are on their way to the grocery store to find the new Minions cereal, Instagram showed that they found the new Minion tic tacs, and Facebook now says that they are going to go home and illegally watch the new Minions movie.

With all this information out there, it leaves little to be communicated.

It’s not just the little things that we share on social media that are taking over our personal interactions, but also life changing events. What happened to the moments when you would plan a girl’s night out to announce to your best girl friend’s that you are pregnant? Why would you do that when you can easily just post a photo of the sonogram on Facebook for the entire world to see? It is faster, easier and more user-friendly.

Problem: All personal touch is lost with this.

The people you consider to be closest to are finding out the same way as your neighbor from childhood that you haven’t spoken to since elementary school and that one guy that you met randomly at a Weezer concert.

All close interaction that is deserved for the people that are always there for you is now thrown out the window because you are depriving those of the excitement that it should be shared with on a personal level.

It is time that we get back to our roots and remember what it is like to interact with the people around us. Not sending selfies with funny filters on Snapchat to the people we are sitting next to or texting each other the fun craft projects that we see on Pinterest, but to actually sit down face to face and have a conversation with them.

To do something together that doesn’t involve technology or social media to have fun. To put our phones away and remember what it was like before social media took over our way of thinking and communicating.

Take a day off from social media and see the world of difference it can make. I promise you, you will appreciate all of the personal communication you have been missing out on.

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