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20 Awkward Moments That Happen At College Parties

Movies and TV shows would have you believe that college is about absolutely nothing but partying. The fact is, you probably will go to plenty of parties during your college career, but what they neglect to tell you is that those parties are almost always as awkward as they are awesome. That’s just how it is, though. When a large group of people get together, it breeds awkward moments like you wouldn’t believe.

That’s okay though, because it happens to everyone, and these things are bound to happen at every party.

20. You run into an ex.

19. You run into someone you hooked up with once.

18. You forget your hook-up’s name.

17. Your hook-up forgets your name.

16. You hook up with your hook-up or your ex…again. 

15. You know you’re way drunker than you should be.

14. You puke in front of everyone.

13. Someone else pukes in front of everyone and it gets on you.

12. Somebody busts out a guitar.

11. The person with the guitar can’t really play it very well.

10. The girls in front of you don’t get charged a cover, but you do.

9. You walk in on someone hooking up.

8. Someone walks in on you hooking up.

7. You mom calls, and you answer while you’re kind of drunk.

6. You tell a funny story but nobody laughs.

5. Your ride home leaves without you.

4. You get absolutely no takers even when you’re making it so obvious that you want to hook up.

3. You have to take care of your drunk, embarrassing friend.

2. One person refuses to stop posing for selfies.

1. The cops get called.

Originally published on University Primetime

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