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10 Songs That Have The Power To Completely Change Your Mood

There’s nothing better than a good playlist to wake up to or listen to on the commute to class. I live for a refreshing beat and raw lyrics and my playlists are always something people ask me about. Finding new music through friends or from streaming online is a definite passion of mine and I want to share it with all of you to beat the somber mood  autumn and midterms often bring. Here are 10 songs that will change your life forever:

Scales – Solange ft. Kelela

“The streets say you’re a king / The world says you’re a failure”

Solange Knowles’ (Beyonce’s sister) album is anything but whimsical. It is powerful, poetic, and dramatic. It puts emphasis on Solange’s proud black roots and the greatness of the sisterhood of black women. All of her songs are pure and serious, but her song Scales in particular made a great impression on me. The ballad speaks about how black people are often misunderstood and shunned in the media. But when another culture copies black culture, it is portrayed in a positive way. This song shines a light on double standards in society and the media.

Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac

“Won’t you lay me down in the tall grass / And let me do my stuff”

A definite classic: Fleetwood Mac has conquered the world with hits like Dreams and Landslide. But my favourite song of theirs is Second Hand News. It will instantly put you in a good mood and make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a feel-good song about breaking up with someone and having no regrets about it.

Caroline – Amine

“Cause great scenes might be great / But I love your bloopers”

Caroline will make you swoon with its dope beat and fire lyrics. It’s about a girl named Caroline blowing a boy’s mind. Amine constantly praises Caroline with her beautiful mind, body, and sex appeal. And it references Quentin Tarantino. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Tarantino reference?

Salad Days – Mac Demarco

“Oh mama, actin’ like my life’s already over / Oh dear, act your age and try another year”

I cannot believe I just discovered the great Mac Demarco. He’s the hipster boy I’ve always dreamed of dating. Salad Days centers on only living to exist and having a repetitive lifestyle. But beyond the relatable lyrics, the vibes of this song will make you want to go on a road trip to Maine.

Sunny Duet – Noname ft. theMIND

“I used to have a name that look like butterflies and Hennessey”

This song is one of those hip hop songs that is just too cool for school. The beat, harmony, and lyrics are all dope. It’s about a boy who always hits up a girl to hook up, and afterwards, he can never seem to remember her name. The song talks about how the girl finally moves on after being head over heels with the boy.

Move Over – Janis Joplin

“Either take the love I offer / Or let me be”

Another classic song: Janis Joplin will literally make you feel like a badass while listening to her songs. Move Over, in particular, is the perfect song to sing to that one guy who could never decide if he wanted to be with you or not. You’ll want to wear red lipstick and a leather jacket after listening to this song.

22 (over soon) – Bon Iver

“There I find you marked in constellation (two, two)  / There isn’t ceiling in our garden”

Bon Iver’s new album is very experimental and different from his past albums, but my goodness, it is one of the greats. I cannot explain how much I am in awe of the pureness of his sound. 22 (over soon) is the type of song to listen to while you’re with a boy, stargazing together or just walking around.

Gibraltar – Beirut

“And I’m / Sitting on fire / So warm / We’re waiting on pyres”

If you’re ever feeling down, just put this song on, and it will instantly change your mood. It is such a feel-good song that all you want to do is dance around your kitchen in your underwear, drinking wine.

Never Wanted Your Love – She & Him

“Take a win, take a fall / I never wanted your love but I needed it all”

Zooey Deschanel’s band, She & Him, is a true gem. Never Wanted Your Love has everything you want in a song: the lush string section, backup singers that will make you want to harmonize with friends, clappable beats, and Zooey’s beautiful voice. It’s my go-to commute song.

Cleopatra – The Lumineers

“But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant / Damn your wife, I’d be your mistress just to have you around”

My all-time favourite band, next to Coldplay, and my favourite song of the year: Cleopatra is the ode to the one that got away. When you listen to the lyrics carefully, you feel sad, but the song will also make you feel like it’s hugging your soul. You will feel alive and hurt and raw when you listen to it because it will make you see the beauty in every problem you have in life.

I hope you loved these songs as much as I do, and I hope it left you feeling some type of ways. Leave a comment below of your favourite songs you listen to!

Featured image via Jorge Fakhouri Filho on Pexels



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