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For The Moments You Don’t Feel Like You’re Enough

It’s like this:
the universe is a person just like you,
and she’s a work-in-progress, too –
so she grows and creates and destroys
just to see how her hands clench when she gets angry.

It took me countless hours
of sleepless stargazing,
learning astrophysics isn’t just connecting
the dots,
and being 13 miles between here
and you to realize
that it doesn’t matter.

My problems just aren’t so big.

And this world I know
turns hurricanes into abandonment
and earthquakes into nightmares –
a world that unknowingly
turns mistakes into heartache.

Now, I know I came from my all-loving Mom
but what about Mother?
She senselessly gives me rainstorm breaths
and jumps me from cloud to cloud in her laughter.
She makes me scared of lightning
but a lover of the light.
She teaches me how to clench my hands
when I get angry.

So let us pray
for those who run their hands along
their stretch marks and scars
and rib cages and love every moment of it.
Let us tell them –
you loving yourself like that? –
that’s how the universe feels.

She grows and grows and grows and destroys
her own company;
she connects the dots,
she gets knocked down to her knees,
curses to herself,
unclenches her hands, 

and then begs for more.

Featured image via Hoàng Chương on Pexels



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