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17 Of The Most Badass Feminist Tweets That Will Inspire You

We all know Feminists are bad ass. It is imperative to be inter-sectional in your advocacy and solidarity. What do I mean by this? If you stand with women but not LGBTQ folks, that is not Feminism to me. If you fight for women to have more rights to their own body, but don’t stand with trans individuals and refuse to use the correct pronoun; that is not Feminism to me. When you work towards closing the gender wage gap but don’t care to learn the reproduction of poverty and class issues; that is not Feminism to me. As a political Feminist, you can’t just stand with one group and dismiss the others. You must be in solidarity with all. These tweets not only challenge the patriarchy but also educate and advocate.

Trigger Warning: Some of these may be triggering or sensitive to some readers.
Here are some of the raddest tweets trending on Twitter:

1. When they shut down the notion that female bodies are not for male pleasure and challenge rape culture at the same time.

2. When they hold other women accountable for their actions.

3. When they celebrate the diversity of empowerment.

4. When they address colonial education and challenge cultural appropriation.

5. Speaking of education, when they address the idea that a boy’s right to education is more important than a girl’s. This goes for all types of male entitlement. F*ck the “hormone” argument. Control yourself.

6. When they challenge the entitlement men have in sexual interaction.

7. When they check the privilege of other white Feminists. Inter-sectional Feminism!

8. When they have proper allyship with WOC.

9. When they don’t ask, they demand.

10. When they are committed to working within an inter-sectional, anti-oppressive framework.

11.  When they’ve got their priorities straight.

12. When they address the oppression in our sociocultural constructed language and the power dynamics at play when such words or terms are challenged by marginalized folks.

13. When they critique public laws around washrooms and rape culture at the same time.

14. When they call out ablest remarks with ferociousness.

15. When they unpack the emotional consequences of oppression.

16. When they make it clear to the public for law officials who seem to have confused the two.

17. When they call out defensive white privileged folks with grace and reason.

So many strong beautiful people who use their voice for good. Thoughts like these are so important because they reflect many of the patriarchal wrongs in our society. These words not only address them, but challenge them and in doing so sheds a light on the inequalities embedded in our language, social interaction and social views. Let’s keep deconstructing and dismantling patriarchy. Some excellent points and critiques not only worth hearing, but worth sharing as well.

Featured Image via Elite Daily and Twitter.



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