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13 Thoughts You Have About Pokémon GO Taking Over The World

The latest game has captured attention of all smart phone owners, regardless of age. Pokémon GO has taken virtual reality to a whole new level as they create an app in which you find Pokémon creatures in everyday life. Here are 13 thoughts we’ve all had since this game has taken over the lives of our friends and family.

1. Have I time traveled back to the 90s?! Between everyone talking about Pokémon and the surge in grunge fashion, I feel like I time traveled to the time of my childhood.

2. Do we really need another reason to stop paying attention to the roads and general surroundings we are in?

3. How come more apps don’t have a warning like this?

4. How many people are going to get hit by cars, walking into things, trip, etc due to this game? The sad thing is that no matter how many, people won’t stop.

5. How many people are going to get fired for playing too much at work?

6. The angle of holding your phone to catch as many as possible has already been perfected. Another reason our generation will have obscure muscle and bone problems that no one before us suffered with.

7. People are getting lured into traps while searching for these non-existent little creatures! A group of robbers got a small group together in a parking lot because of the game! This is at least the third time they’ve corralled gamers into one place. How can people get so sucked into make-believe?

8. After seeing signs for meet ups and hearing about group Pokémon hunts, will there be strangers getting kidnapped? Or will we look back in this in years as what got everyone to be nice to each other again?

9. Will this be the next fantasy football?

10. At least people are out walking. Obesity is still a huge problem in the world, especially in countries where the technology makes it possible to have fun without ever getting off the couch. It’s pathetic that it takes a handheld computer screen to get this accomplished.

11. Will there be success stories of people losing weight after a month of playing?

12. Other than dead bodies, what are other people going to find as they search the streets with phone out, ready to document any and all criminal activity? Will this game reduce our crime rate?

13. How many ironic screenshots can one handle with these little guys? Are they still going to be funny by Friday?

After a weekend of nothing but childhood memories, the Pokémon GO craze is still the hottest topic heading into the week. Let’s see how many more news stories will be centered around this instead of the political campaigns or the violence around the world. Even though I don’t play, nor did I ever, I would rather see this in the news than more sadness.

Featured image via “Pokemon Sign” by fuzzcat /CC BY 2.0



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