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Not Just A Trend: 5 Legit Reasons You Should Go Vegan

Veganism might seem the latest and greatest trend, but for good reason! A few months ago, when I started to educate myself on the lifestyle, it really intrigued me. At the time, I had never even considered going vegan, or even vegetarian. After I started learning more about why animal products are bad for you, the environment, and the animals themselves, the more I was pulled to change my eating habits.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to preach to you and force my eating habits on you. I’m just sharing with you what I’ve learned.

1. Animal products are bad for the environment

“Producing just one hamburger uses enough fossil fuel to drive a small car 20 miles. Of all raw materials and fossil fuels used in the U.S., more than one-third are devoted to raising animals for food.” – PETA

“A typical pig factory generates the same amount of raw waste as a city of 12,000 people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, raising animals for food is the number-one source of water pollution.” – PETA

Reading facts like these on the PETA website has educated me about how detrimental eating meat can be to the environment.

2. Animal products are bad for your body

I believe that many of them would be a lot healthier if we eliminated eggs, milk, and dairy products from our diets. You wouldn’t drink milk from a dog would you? Cow’s milk has extra saturated fat that our bodies don’t need. Cutting milk out of your diet can also clear up your skin! If that’s not a plus, I don’t know what is. There’s a plethora of other types of milk we can drink such as rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, soy milk, etc. Other ways to get in some calcium include kale, almond milk, and oranges!  

3. Animal products are bad for the animals

So many people consider themselves animal lovers but still continue to eat animal products. These animals are so mistreated and raised to adulthood just to be eaten by us. A lot of time when we eat these products we don’t think about the industry and process behind it. Some animals are given hormones to produce more meat and, as unappealing as it is to think about, we’re eating those hormones too by eating the meat from these animals. Even baby male chicks are killed because they won’t grow fast enough to produce eggs.

4. Carbs are GOOD for you

Society tells us that carbs are bad for us which can be true if all you eat is white, processed carbs (white bread, white pasta, etc.) but carbs are actually a major part of a balanced diet! Eating whole wheat pasta, lentils, beans, and bread is so good for you. It’s what gives us energy. The extra things we put on these carbs like cheese and butter that contribute to the extra fat on our bodies. Say goodbye to low carb dieting! 

5. A healthier mind and body

Plant based foods can make you feel fuller for longer. The processed foods that we as Americans eat everyday are so full of fat that when you start eating better and cutting the animal products out of your diet, your body will thank you. Vegetables are made up of mostly water so they will fill you up more than the calorie dense chicken and beef.

I’ve only been vegan a few months but I’ve already noticed so many positive changes in my day-to-day life. My hair is growing faster than it ever has as well as my nails and eyelashes. My skin is clearer and less red, I’m less bloated and have definitely lost a couple of pounds. I have more energy than I used to and I find myself waking up earlier. I’m sure I’ll discover more benefits as I move along in my health journey, but these benefits alone are a great motivator!

If you’re worried about not being able to do it and getting cravings, don’t worry. It’s all a process and if you’ve been thinking about making this change for a while, just keep educating yourself until you’re ready to make the change! Going vegan can also reduce your grocery bill because things like pasta, vegetables and beans are so cheap! People might not understand why you’re doing it and maybe even make fun of you (which can get annoying) but if it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it!

P.S. If my experience didn’t convince you check out these two documentaries: Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy. 

Featured image via Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash


  1. Male chicks (aka Roosters) can’t produce eggs… Because they are males. Please if you are going to try and write a nutrition article please have actual accredited articles/resources to back up your information or have some nutritional background yourself.


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