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What To Do When The Person You Love Stops Loving You

He was everything you wanted and more. He came into your life out of nowhere and swept you off your feet. He made everything so much better. You spent all night having conversations about things that didn’t make sense, perfect nights where you stayed in and binge watched shows together. Eventually, through all the small things, you fall in love with him. Just the thought of knowing that he is yours and you are his, makes the world seem so much brighter and better. You give it your all because we all know relationships end in one of two ways, and because you want this to be forever, you give it your all.

Then out of the blue, the person you wanted to wake up next to every morning and go to bed with every night has decided that he’s had enough. He no longer needs you or wants to spend every last-minute with you, let alone one minute.

And you will never understand why it happened.

This is the one-sided breakup, the type of breakup that you would never want to experience, or wish upon your worst enemy.

You lay in bed wondering what happened to the sweet guy who promised to never break your heart. The guy who spent late nights talking about how great the future would be, as long as you were together. Who is this monster that has replaced him? One-sided breakups mean that you’re going to have questions; you’re going to be so desperate to spend just another moment with him. You’re going to beg and plead when you know well enough;

you’re better than that.

At the end of the day you can never hate him, because until that last moment, where everything took a sharp turn, you were happy and in love. All you have are these amazing memories of the two of you together. You wish so badly that you could hate him but you can’t and won’t let yourself. It’s going to take you however long you need to get over this; no one can put a timeline on that. But one thing is a given, and that is that there will be a moment when you realize that you are so worth it. You are worthy of the time and effort that it takes to be loved; you are the most amazing person. There will be times when you question your worth, but it is important to always remember what you deserve.

Accepting that he just wasn’t the one is going to be the hardest thing you have yet to do, but it will happen one day. Just keep your head up until that day comes. Every day that passes will only get easier. He couldn’t see your worth but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t either. It doesn’t feel like it now, but there is going to be someone else that comes along that doesn’t take you for granted, someone else who will see your value and cherish that with everything that they have.

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